Twenty Four

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Get ready to be sad:)

David and I were checked into the hospital as soon as the doctors took one look at us

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David and I were checked into the hospital as soon as the doctors took one look at us. They took us to the ER and sat us in beds and began to examine us. They handed me an oxygen mask to help me receive more oxygen for my lungs. The other doctor was stitching David's forehead as they continued to examine me.

"We think she's having an asthma attack." Jason informs my doctor. The doctor puts on the stethoscope and instructs me to breath in and out slowly. I take a look at his face which suddenly made me grow concerned.

"What's That look for?" I ask him breathlessly.

"Is she okay?" David asks.

"David. You have one more time." Jason threatens.

"Jason. I'm concerned for my girlfriend. Shut the fuck up and let me talk to her." David growls.

"Both of you shut up." Josh says.

"How have you been feeling lately, Lauren? Any shortness of breath, pain when breathing or anything?" My doctor asks. I shake my head no in response.

"Why? What's going on?" Zane asks. The doctor looks at the nurses and speaks lowly to them. He pulls up the rails on the bed and unlocks the wheels. The nurse behind me holds onto the tall pole that hung the IV bag and she pushes the monitors.

"Hey, Wait where are you taking her?" Zane asks.

"We're gonna run some more tests and we'll give you all an update." The doctor says. I kept the mask held against my face to keep the oxygen flowing through my lungs. But it almost felt as if it wasn't completely helping.

"Why? What's going on?" Todd and Scott asks.

"Is she okay? Where are they taking her?" David asks.

"We'll be back." The doctor says. He looks at me and lies me down at a slanted angle. "You just keep breathing for me, Lauren, okay?" He asks. I nod my head and closed my eyes as they rolled me away. They rolled me around the hospital and I could hear doors opening. I opened my eyes and watched each light pass by. I then noticed they rolled me into a room that was dimmed. I come to a complete stop and I hear them lock the wheels in place. I finally sat up and look at my doctor.

"W-Whats going on?" I ask him behind my mask.

"We're going to get some images to get a better look at your lungs to see what the problem is." He informs me.

"What do you think it is?" I ask him. He gives me the same look every doctor gives when they have to tell hard news to their patient.

"Tell me. I can take it." I tell him.

"We think it could be lung cancer." He says.


"But don't panic. It could be asthma. But we're taking a look just to make sure it's nothing bad." He says.

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