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*Three female friends stand behind the bedroom door of Ella Audrey Rae. It's cracked just enough that they can see her laying in her bed on her back. She's staring at the ceiling fully clothed like she was going to get out of bed but something stopped her. The sun is peaking through the window next to her bed. It's 7 AM on a Friday. They have been there for 30 minutes whispering to each other*

Friend 1: "I think she's stuck."

Friend 2: "no-no-no. I think she's depressed."

Friend 1: "Nah can't be that. She's always happy. Did you not see her last post?"

Friend 3: "Hm, what about in love?"

Friend 1:" In love?"

Friend 2: "With who?"

Friend 1: "You don't think?"

Friend 3: "Nah"

Friend 2: "No way"

Friend 1: "Nah can't be, it's been three years"

Friend 3: "They are friends, right?"

Friend 2: "I guess."

Friend 1: "How is she friends with him? She loves him."

Friend 2: "Hush, we aren't supposed to say that."

Ella: "I can hear you!" I yelled.

*The three female friends fumbled from behind the bedroom door and rush to her bedside*

Friend 1: "Ella, honey?" She asked.

Ella: "YASSSSSSSSS Ugh." I said in an unhappy voice turning my body in a lazy manner to face them.

Friend 2: " What's going on?? We just came to check on you. You haven't been out of the house in weeks or responding to any messages. Are you okay?"

[okay, okay, okay] *Their okay's echo off into the distance and the scene fades to black.*

I'm dreaming again. *the alarm clocks goes off*

I'm Ella Audrey Rae. I'll be your narrator for this book.

 I'll be your narrator for this book

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[Drawn by Stro371 ]

I am a 27-year-old world-renowned journalist, a magazine editor in Chief of Reignland and podcast host of 'And So I Thought.' I'm 5'5 with black hair and hazel eyes. I dress like a Tumblr girl if you ask me. My life seems to be going well. Got my own place, booming business, caring friends and a little girl who adores me, so why am I here?

Well, I've always loved relationships. l'm a hopeless romantic. I live for a good relationship. I love the idea of it, the feeling, the benefits, and even just saying I'm in love. It doesn't take me long to figure out if it will work. You can figure it out from the first conversation you have with a person unless you talk to me; a socially awkward individual. Then it may take a moment for you to see the real side of me. I've gotten better with it I think. You'll see what I mean as you continue through the book.

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