Part 13 ; Lost

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*Han Song Park, Seoul*

Beautiful days in autumn. Families, children, and couples spend their time together to foster relationship but behind their beautiful is it going to last forever?

Only God and fate know it. The beauty of their smile there is hidden deep and implied intentions, imagine that human are given the advantage of

looking sharp like an eagle compared to the rough eyes as what people see now to look behind the true meaning of that beautiful smile. With that advantage, will people stop hurting each other's feeling?

One voice I know greeted from behind. "Hi y/n, how are you now?" I looked back and smile at him. "I feel better than ever. Thank you for asking me and you, Jimin?" He also sits down with me on the bench provided in the park.

"I'm fine, there is only a small problem happening now. So that's why I went to the park to relax my mind" Maybe I can feel it is Jimin's own company problem.

Although he has everything as much as people want but we do not know what's behind his smile and his feeling now. I looked at the beauty of the atmosphere in Seoul Park.

"Maybe I should not talk so but I hear you and Jungkook are divorced. I feel sorry for what happened to you, y/n" I look back at Jimin with my smile on him. "Don't worry about that. I feel better now after a divorce"

Jimin took my hand and held my hand tight as he didn't want to let me go. "If I didn't cancel our engagement and fight for our love, this doesn't happen even if your marriage with him. I'm sorry, y/n. This is all my fault."

Jimin's eyes on me are very and make me feel guilty of him for blaming himself. "This all is not your fault Jimin" I don't know why my stomach suddenly felt pain and I tried to stand up. "Y/n, are you okay?"

Why my stomach hut suddenly? Wait.. I can feel the warm fluid flowing in my thighs. No, this can't happen. My baby! "Jimi-nn, can you t-take me to the hos-pital now? Immediately! Ahh!!"

"Y-y/n, yo-you're b-bleeding" Jimin looked down at my thighs and he quickly lifted my body with a bridal style.

*In Woo Hospital, Seoul*

"I'm sorry, but I don't think the baby in the content of this patient will be safe because the patient is experiencing high stress and can cause a miscarriage. And don't worry, we are trying our best to save the baby" Doctor said to Jimin.

He froze for a moment because he doesn't not believe and thinks you are pregnant now. But how it this all happening? Is it Jungkook's child? "Thank you for your information, Doctor"

The doctor smiled at Jimin and patted his shoulder then left. Jimin took his phone in his pocket and contacted Taehyung. A few minuter later, "Why is this all happening to y/n? How can she get pregnant in this complicated situation?!" Jimin shouted.

"I also don't know and want do you want me to do with this?!" Taehyung tried to control his emotions at Jimin. "Why you don't tell that y/n is pregnant now?"

"How do I want to tell youyou if this all happened fast?!" Taehyung said at Jimin as he stoop up from his seat. "So you want to blame me in this problem?!" Jimin smirking at Taehyung. "Can you shut the fuck up?!!"

 "Can you shut the fuck up?!!"

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