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The party ended far earlier than we expected.

The only ones who stayed behind were my parents, Kimora's, Audrey, and Tyler. Audrey, my Mom, and Shantel comforted Kimora as she hugged herself in between them on the couch.

I couldn't stop pacing back and forth. I should've been more careful. How the hell did he know where we lived? I made sure to not let anyone know for the longest, not to mention, I made sure that we packed and moved discretely.

Where the hell did I go wrong?

Marcus rubbed his temples. "Son, I'm going to need you to stop pacing back and forth. It's giving me a migraine."

I did what he said, raking my hands through my hair. "I just don't know how he figured out where we lived now. I made did everything to make sure that he wouldn't find out."

"He must have alleys watching your every move," Tyler said, folding his arms. "We watched him leave town months ago."

We had watched him leave from us trailing him one day. He left the state actually and we made sure that we were sure he had left until Tyler had called me yesterday.

I clenched my fists, feeling them start to tremble with rage. That sick bastard really pisses me off. I want to strangle him to death. No, I wanted to punch the life out of him. Let him feel the pain he caused.

Instead, I punched the wall nearby. "Fuck!"


Tyler grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to look at him. "Jaxon, get a fucking hold of yourself!"

I breathed heavily, shutting my eyes as I took in several deep breaths. Yet, I didn't feel myself getting any calmer. I felt Tyler's hands drop from me before I felt a familiar set of hands caress my face. I leaned into the comforting touch, placing my hand on Kimora's as I opened my eyes to her sympathetic look on her face. "Jaxon, relax..."

I closed my eyes again, wrapping my arms around her before nestling my head in her neck. "Um... I think it's best if we are just left alone right now." Kimora said timidly. There was hesitation in the air but, eventually, everyone said goodbye and left.

As soon as the door shut, I slid down onto the floor but, Kimora didn't let go as she followed suit. "Kimora. I'm sorry-"

"Shh... It's okay." She rubbed my back soothingly.


"You're so reckless," Kimora said, bandaging my bloody knuckles from when I punched the wall. It didn't hurt but, stung a little from the peroxide she splashed on it and the healing ointment. I ended up telling her about how I knew Adam was back in town and didn't decide to tell her right away. She understood even though she was slightly upset.

I sighed. "I'm just stressed out."

"I know." She gave me a small smile.

I looked at her, taking the sorrow in her eyes. "I'm going to kill him."

She froze and she shook her head. "Jaxon, just call the police. We can't always do things ourselves."

"I'm not dealing with the police and I don't want him to rot in jail, I want him to burn in hell."

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