Living the kidnapped life...chapter 1-The new surroundings

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Chapter 1-The new surroundings


My heart thudded and I immediately shot up out of sleep. My head hit something hard.

"Woah there, slow down," A guy said and I realized that this was the middle guy from yesterday.

Crap, so that meant that all of it was real. I was starting to think that it might have just been a bad dream.

I looked around and took in my surroundings. The guy that I had hit my head on was sitting next to me on the couch, playing Grand theft auto. He wasn't wearing the black mask from last night and I realized that he had light blonde long hair that layered to his chin. It was straight as a blade. His brown eyes stood out against his light skin and pale freckles. Across the room I see another guy kissing a girl. She has short blonde hair with a little wave in it.

"I'm Jay, by the way," The guy who's sitting next to me says. "That's Owen, in there," Jay points to the guy who's making it out with the girl. "And his little friend there is Ella."

"I'm Cassi," I said, watching him play the video game.

Jay shrugged. "I know who you are."

Well, that didn't surprise me. Considering that they had all said they knew exactly who I was and everything that I did. As I recalled last night, Jay didn't talk much at all.

"Where am I?"

"A house," He said and turned the controller to the left.

"No shit. Where the hell am I?"

He laughed.

"I'm dead serious."

He said quietly, "Ooh, she's dead serious."

I have never liked to be teased, so all this did was get me upset. Not wanting to fuss in front of him, I just smacked the back of his head. However, as soon as I did that, Ella walked in laughing.

"She got you that time, Jay," Ella said and sat on the other couch that had a big body pillow on it. The entire room was dark red and the couches were either white or black with the opposite color. Just looking at all the designs on the pictures on the walls got me dizzier and dizzier by the second.

"How are you, Cassi?" Ella asked and motioned the boy Owen over to her. He took his place next to her and started to rub her upper thigh. She didn't seem to notice.

I hesitated and looked at everyone in the room. "I'm not sure..."

She smiled at me. "If there's anything that you need, you can always come and talk to me. I'm the only girl in the house, so you better be nice to me."

She laughed.

I didn't really know how to respond to that so I just nodded and looked away. Footsteps started to get louder as we all sat in the living room. My pillow had fallen off of the couch and I had scooted to the edge of the couch as far away from Jay as I could.

"What's going on here?" A male voice asked.

I turned around and I saw the most handsome guy I've ever seen. His brown hair swept from the right side of his face to the left just above his eyebrows. His eyes were wide with shock and you could see the green that hid behind what he was trying to keep a secret.

"Just hanging, you know," Jay said, never taking his eyes off of the screen.

I let my lips fall into a straight line and curled my legs up against my chest and I wrapped my arms tight around my knees, trying to comfort myself. I could feel the guy who just walked into the room staring at me as I stared at the screen. Ella was whispering into Owen's ear and he laughed quietly.

"Will you two just shut up?" The guy said to them, and Ella yelped in surprise.

"Geez, Mr. Spazzy, just because you don't have a lady friend, doesn't mean that you have to be jealous," Ella said and I smiled at her.

The guy just rolled his eyes. "Yeah, because there's so many reasons why I would be jealous of Owen."

"Hey!" Owen exclaimed, looking hurt.

He just shrugged, and I noticed that he was fidgeting.

"Hey, Ryan, we're going to need to go see Jesse later. He's got some papers that we need to sign for the house," Jay said and I'm guessing that the other guy would have to be Ryan. Hmm, cute name.

"Sounds good," Ryan said and took out his cell phone and started to make a phone call.

"Who are you calling-," Jay started to say.

"Shut up."

I laughed when Jay made a retarded face. He looked over at me and smiled, pausing the game and throwing the controller at Owen. However, all Owen did was flip Jay off.

"Get a room, Owen!"

Ella grinned and pulled Owen's hand until they got down the hall. I turned my attention back to the TV screen when I heard a door shut. "They're always like that, just so you know."

I shuddered. "Gross."

He nodded and laughed. "Finally, somebody who agrees. All Ryan does is look away. He never even talks to Owen about it, which doesn't really make sense."

"What do you mean?" I asked him and tilted my head to the side a little.

Jay changed his position on the couch so that he was facing me. "Well, he looks disgusted about it, but never even tells Owen and Ella to go away or, as I said it, 'Get a room'."

I smiled a little. Ryan hung finished with his call and came back into the living room where Jay and I were talking. He didn't really have much else to do, apparently, so he just sat on the couch that Owen and Ella were just sitting on.

Jay laughed. "So, what do you usually do on a Friday night?"

My smile faded as I looked away.

"What, what did I say?"

I shook my head at him. "You didn't say anything wrong. I just hate thinking about it. You see, my parents don't ever come home except on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, on Fridays they're always drunk and sometimes my dad will find me in my room sleeping and he'll start to hit me. I asked him once why he did that...," I said and could feel my chest start clenching up.

Ryan shifted his position on the couch and I looked over at him. He didn't do anything but nod at me.

"What did he say?" Jay asked me, encouragingly.

I shook my head, once more. "Nothing, he just slapped me again. I went to school every day with bruises all over my face and arms. Sometimes on my back. It was miserable."

I shuddered and tightened my arms around my knees once more.

Jay placed his hand on my arm but I shrugged it off.

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