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(y/n pov)

You sighed as you fixed your dress while you waited by your door. The bell rang in minutes and you sighed, opening the door to yet another date. "Hey," You said. He smiled and handed you a single rose. You smiled, taking it.

"Hey, you look gorgeous," You blushed and put the rose on Sean's stool next to the door. "Ready, to go?" He asked. You smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, thank you," You said. He held out a hand to you, and you took it, following him to his car. "So, Grayson, where are we going?" You asked.

"My favorite restaurant, I think you'll like it," He said. You smiled and nodded.

You were on yet another date with another guy your friend had set you up with. You really didn't find a need for a relationship at the moment, considering the situation you were in, and your last experience. You were 19 now and already had a 3-year-old to take care of as well as yourself. Your last relationship had ended horribly and with you pregnant. Nonetheless, you loved your son Sean, more than the world.

Most of the guys you had been set up with by your friend hadn't seemed to like the idea of you already having a child. You didn't mind, knowing you would do the same. You and Grayson had been texting for about a week now and he had asked you out. You always waited until the date to slide in the fact that you were a mom, just to see the reaction in person.

The car ride was mostly silent, you already prepared for him to leave you the second he found out about Sean. Your mind kept wandering over to what he was doing at y/bff's house and if he was okay. Despite realizing it was rude, you continued to annoy her about him and asking if he was okay. You were just being a mom after all.

"Okay, we're here," He said, parking the car. You looked up at the place smiling as you realized that this was your favorite restaurant. Before you could respond, he was out of the car and running over to your side to open the door. You smiled and took his hand as you stepped out.

"Thank you," You said. He locked the car behind him as he brought you into the restaurant. "Oh, you already made reservations?" You asked as he walked up to the receptionist.

"Yeah, I didn't want you waiting," He said with a smile. You played with the hem of your jean jacket tanking him again. He was sweet, you found. And you would be so lucky if he stayed. "Reservation for Grayson Dolan?" He asked. She led you to your table and he pulled your chair out for you.

"Awe, thank you, you're so sweet." You said sitting. He smiled and pushed you in, going over to his own seat. You told him that this was also your favorite place and decided to order your usual. He told the waitress both orders and she walked away. "So, Grayson," You said. He smiled.

"So, y/n." He said. You giggled and looked away. "So, are you planning on university or college, we've never talked about that." He said. You sighed, realizing you were going to have to tell him soon. You'd decided that you really did like this one.

"Um, no, no plans of that," He nodded and took a sip of his water. "What about you? Any plans?" He chuckled.

"I dropped out of high school and moved out of the state when I was 16," He said. You raised your eyebrows. "The youtube channel." He said with a smile. You nodded. Right, he'd told you about that.

"Oh right, how's that going in?" You asked. You'd been meaning to watch their videos, but you'd just never had the time with Sean.

"We just hit 10 million maybe a month ago," He said proudly. You smiled at him and nodded. "Yeah, I love it, making people laugh is my favorite thing ever." He said.

"Awe, that's cute," You said. He chucked as your food came, and the waitress placed it in front of you. You smiled and thanked her as Grayson did that same. You dug into your food as he spoke again.

"So, what about you? What're you doing?" He asked. You smiled, figuring it was time.

"Well, I'm actually a librarian, I was volunteering for the longest of time at the one near my apartment and last year, I'd gotten the job." You said. He nodded. You smiled and took another bite. The mention of the apartment always started the conversation.

"So do you live alone, or...?" You smiled and shook your head.

"I actually have a 3-year-old so it's just the two of us." You said casually. He looked up from his food, fork halfway to his mouth before it froze. You smiled and took a bite like it was nothing special.

"You, uh, have a child?" He asked. You nodded and took a sip of your water. He nodded quickly. "Where's the, uh, father?" You gave him a sad smile.

"Well, he broke up with me as soon as he realized he was going to be a dad at 15." You said. Grayson's eyes widened slightly and you shrugged. "It's okay, he was an asshole, and I'm better off raising our son on my own." You said. He nodded.

"I bet he's cute, with a mom like you," Grayson said. You blushed, not expecting that. You smiled down at your food. "So, when do I get to meet him?"


(gray's pov)

Me and y/n kept talking after our date. I really like her, and I really didn't want to let her go. After I'd dropped her off at home, I'd kissed her and asked if I could come by later. So what if she had a kid? It's not something she really had control of the time.

We talk every day, every second she's free. She was so... perfect. There really was no other adjective. And now, a week after out lovely first date, she invited me over to meet her son, if I was up for it. I was nervous as fuck.

Walking up to her apartment door, I was having second thoughts. What if the kid doesn't like me? Babies under the age of three were the scariest. They either liked you or they didn't. And kids usually liked me, but I didn't want to risk it. I really fucking like y/n.

I knocked on their apartment door and waited. I heard moving behind the door before y/n opened. I smiled down at her and gave her another rose. She laughed and took it. "Another one?" I shrugged and followed her in. "You didn't have to, Gray." I smiled to myself at the nickname and watched her put the rose into a vase with another one almost dying.

She turned around to face me and gave me a hug. She looked up at me and I smiled at the way she had to look all the way up to meet my eye. "Where's-" But she cut me off.

"Oh, don't be shy, baby, he's nice I promise." I turned to see who she was talking to and saw a little boy leaning against the wall of a hallway. "Come here," She said. He walked over slowly and I smiled.

"Hi," I said as softly as I could, crouching down. "I'm Grayson," I said. He smiled and waved at me.

"I'm Sean," He said. My eyes widened as I looked up at y/n.

"What?" She mouthed. I shook my head and turned to face Sean.

"I'm three years old," He told me. I smiled and nodded. "Are you mommy's boyfriend." I looked up smiling at y/n as her jaw dropped.

"If she wants me to be," I said. Sean looked up at y/n confused and I chuckled. "Do you?" I asked her.

"I, uh, if you, uh-" She stopped herself short and took in a breath. I smiled. "Yes, I'd like that." I grinned, screaming on the inside.

"I guess that settles it, then" I looked back at Sean. "I guess I am your mom's boyfriend, buddy." He nodded and pointed behind me. I followed his gaze.

"Can I show you my favorite toy?" He asked. I nodded and he smiled. "I'll go get it, wait here." He said. I smiled and stood up as he ran off.

"So, uh." She looked up at me, as I pressed my lips to hers. "You actually want to date me?" She whispered. I nodded, confused. "But, I- Sean?" I smiled.

"He's a good kid, I like him," I said. She smiled, a proud look in her eyes. "Also." She looked up at me smiling.


"My dad's name was Sean," I said. She smiled.

"Really?" I nodded. "What a coincidence." She whispered as Sean came running back in.

"I don't think it is," I whispered.  

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