When you move pt.2

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*you wake up*

Mom: come on we're late y/n

Y/N: sorry mom slept in

Mom: yah ik get your things you'll be there 2 weeks this time

Y/n: ok. Bye Champers see you in 2 weeks

*you get your things and start going to the hospital*

Nurse: you are y/n right

Y/n: yes thats me

Nurse: ok your in room 103

Y/n: ok got it

*you go to your room and wait for the nurse to come access your port*

Nurse: ready

Y/n: yah I'm ready I guess

*the nurse access your port and hooks up the chemo*

*you get a ft from your brother Ash*

Ash: hey Y/n

Y/n: hey how was your first day of school

Ash: it was cool but it would've been better with you

Y/n: well the doctor said if my labs are good then I can go to school when I get out of the hospital

Ash: cool can't wait to see you again

Y/n: alright Ash I'm tired I'm gonna go sleep

Ash: wait y/n......your gonna get through this and beat this cancer

Y/n: ik Ash but I'm tired Imma go sleep. Bye

Ash: bye

* you fall asleep and the next morning the doctor is in your room*

Doctor: y/n I'm sorry to say this but you have to lose your leg

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