Here's another chapter :D This chapter dedicated to @LIbeika for editing the past 5 chapters of my story

 "Bruce what are you doing here?" Sam asked, quickly pulling as far away from Chloe who looked equally as stunned as him, if not more.

 "What are you doing here? With Chloe? And what the heck were you going to do before?" Bruce quickly bombard him with questions that he couldn't even process in his brain. Chloe was still frozen beside him in shock.

 "Go home and let me handle this." Sam whispered to her. 

 Bruce, still waiting for an answer from Sam, stood impatiently in front of him, shuffling from foot to foot, giving him and Chloe expectant stares.

 "I'll explain everything. Let me walk Chloe to her car first." He tried to keep his words calm, unlike his heartbeat, which was getting more erratic by the second. Chloe opened her mouth, wanting to say something, before deciding against it and closing her mouth. She wordlessly took her bag and stood up from her chair, avoiding all eye contact with Bruce.

 Sam followed Chloe to her car. She gave him a last look before getting in the car. Bruce was already behind him when she started the car engine.

 "You are such an idiot!" Bruce shouted at him just when Chloe's car drove away from the parking lot. "How many fucking times have I told you about her! You screwed up man!" Bruce pointed his finger at Sam's chest, poking it hard, making Sam want to punch him for real this time.

 "What's the matter with you?" Sam pushed Bruce's hand away from him, not being able to help the anger that was slowly taking form inside of him. 

 Okay, he admitted that he broke Coach's unspoken rule, but why in the hell was Bruce the one who was being a pain in the ass? It's not as if when Coach found out, he was going to be the one who was going to be kicked from the team. And how in the hell had he shown up out of nowhere here anyway?

 "What's the matter with me? I'm not the one who's dating the Coach's fucking daughter!" Sam started to realise that they still in the parking lot of the Carnival, little children were staring at them and their parents were sending him dirty looks. 

 "Hey, quiet down man." He said quietly, gesturing towards the onlookers, Sam felt uncomfortable with the stares.

 "I don't give a fucking damn! Let all those children know how stupid you are!" His volume increased with each word he said, aggravating the situation further still. Sam groaned.

 "Will you chill? It's not like when Coach find out he's gonna kick you out of the team, I'll be responsible for all this thing if he knows. I'll never drag you into this!" Sam no longer cared abut his surroundings, Bruce had real nerve to called him an idiot and stupid, all in less than a span of thirty seconds.

 "Stop that bullshit, you always put this nice guy front so all the girls will fall in love with you and you go and fuck them all, I bet you only want to sleep with Chloe and Chloe being a slu- " Bruce hadn't have the chance to finish his sentence before Sam's palms connected to his chest, shoving him hard. Bruce had to take a few steps back to keep his balance. He shot Sam a dirty glare.

 "Don't talk about her like that." Sam's voice sounded dangerous, he surprised even himself with that voice. He had never had to talk to someone like that before, ever. Bruce looked at Sam, and he took in a deep breath before exhaling it. 

 "Sorry, it's just.." He stopped, "never mind." He shook his head.

 "Just what?" Sam asked expectantly, he was really curious why his best friend suddenly turned like this.