Part 10

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Anika got shocked to seeing her dad infront of her. She never thought that she will meet him like This. She smiled in tears and about to go towards him but stopped thinking about past.

Ani. No Anika u can't go near him. Don't forget they have killer u alive. Don't u remember how they had threw u out of their house without letting u speak anything. So when they don't wanna see u then why r u going to meet him. She wiped her tears and set in the car again hiding her face in her dupata.

Shavi. Mumma what happened.

Ani. Nothing baby u guys carry on.

Shavi nodded and again started playing with seerat.

Mainwhile after few minutes shivaay came back again in car and took a long breath.

Shiv. Thank god he didn't make any issue. I thought we have to stay here longer because of accident.

Ani. Hmm then let's go.

Shiv. Hmm ok.   He smiled at her and drove away from there.

In evenings

Anika is making food for babies when shivay came there.

Shiv.anika I was thinking to call daksh on dinner what's say.

Anika shut her eyes in frustration and look at him like what's ur problem dude.

Abu. Shivaay what's ur problem ha. Didn't u like to getting me as ur daughter's care. No if u have any problem then do tell me. I'll leave this job as well as ur house as soon as possible.

Shiv. Anika u r taking me wrong. I just asked bcz I thought it will be great if we will keep a small get to gather. But if u don't want we don't keep it.

Ani. No it's fine. I think u fell for daksh so call him at dinner. I don't have any objection. 😂

Shiv. No I won't call him if u don't like.

Ani. No no u can call him. Hmm she glared him and went off  crashing him under breath.

After sometime

Anika is sitting in her room when door bell rang.

Ani. Who's at this time. She got shocked went to open to door.

Ani. Tum tum yaha Kaya kar raha ho

Shiv. I called him. U itself said I can invite him. So without thinking further I called him at home.

Ani. Ao daksh why are u standing there. Anika siad wuth gritted teeth.

Da. Shivaay u would have call me earlier so that I could get something for u guys.

Ani. It was not needed daksh. She gave him tight smile.

Dak. Anika won't u call me inside even u didn't even hug me for once. Saying this he entered inside and hugged her.

Shivaay's eyes got red to seeing him hugging her.

Shiv. Da daksh come na. He parted them away and dragged him inside.

Da. Anika I'm missing u guys a lot. Actually I was thinking to bring u guys home for somedays.

Anika who was lost somewhere else give him look like get a life mate.

Da. What happened baby.

Shi. Baby 😂

Da. Why,,  shivaay don't u like to calling ur wife as a baby

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