Part 14

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But that peace was interrupted when a 'bang!' came from the door. Zen takes his hands off and stood off to the side on my right.

We both looked over, one in confusion and one in irritation.

The boy looked around the room and when he saw us, his eyes widen in happiness and a smile bloomed on his face.

And, then came Lily who followed the guy with a timid and small steps. She sees me and fast walk over to me, her face written the words 'worried'.

She sits right next to me and puts her hands on each of my shoulder, turning me to face her.

"Are you Okay? That fall seem to hurt.." She asks me and looks around making sure I wasn't hurt in any places.

"Mmm! Eve is good." I reply to her with a smile. The pain on my nose still hurts as I smile but I covered it up.

I'm still upset at what Zen said. It's not convincing. Makes him really suspicious...hmmm. Perhaps...

I look up at him as he chats with the other guy that came in the room.

Is he interested in me?

Suddenly, his eyes looked at me and he smirks a little bit. I was taken back and broke eye contact. Nervousness filled me but I shook it off.

——————after school——————

I was walking with Lily after school. Lily was fangirling about the commotion in the cafeteria and that she was once blessed by god to see a live action!!!

I mean, really? Is it that special?

"Of course it is, Eve!!"

Oops, I said that out loud.

Her small warm hands that were smaller than mine, held my hands. I looked at her alarmed at what she was doing. This type of Lily was weird but okay.

"Y-you don't k-know how proud you m-make me!!! see these tears!!! Wah~ My lady found her true love!! It's really like a love story!! Waaahhh~~ I want a love like that!!!" She wailed.

I sweatdropped.

"Alright, alright. I...I see the tears, Lily. But you're making this so dramatic..? Love? True love? No, no, no. I don't think that'll happen—"

"Glare~~~" I see Lily's glaring and I changed my sentence.

"—but maybe I will find love and spend the rest of my life with him..." I finished my sentence and see Lily with a happy smile and clapped her hands lightly like a good parent that raised her child well even though she knew she didn't.

I laugh at the conversation and how dramatic Lily was. I mean, I never been so close to anyone before the reborn. It's like having second chances but not being me.

We bid goodbyes and air kisses. We went our separate ways. As I walked, the lonely streets and the faded noise from the city brings me back into my past life.

I mean, In my past life, I was an only child. I was born in a wealthy family. A good business. A good family. A good school. A good life.

As days past,

I find everything...boring.

I have nobody to talk to. Well, on that part, it was my fault. On my first day of high school, I wanted to make friends but...They looked so happy that it looked like they didn't want to be distracted or disturbed.

So I thought,

'Oh. Maybe I shouldn't disturb them. They seem...busy.'

So, I didn't interact. As days went by, I became a solo. An individual person. I receive an award for being a model student. The students only scowled and say,

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