Chapter 2

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I wake up excited for school and I get ready. I wear nice clothes as everyone is going to be filming everything and posting it. I can just imagine everyone's reaction.

So I go to school and I wait at my locker when I hear a bunch of girls so I get prepared.

He goes up to me then shoves the roses at me and then leaves with all the girls following him.

I was angry- that was not what I planned, I imagined him kneeling down and handing me the roses then seeing as everyone says "Awwwww~". But again we are talking about this kid so I wasn't even that surprised.

I walk down to class and see how all the girls are surrounding the new kid. Then I had an idea for tomorrow. This was going to be my revenge for what he did.

I sat down next to him and poked his shoulders.... they were so big.
"Hey new kid! That was not what we had planned!"

He started laughing, "What DID you have planned? What? You wanted me to kneel down or something like I was confessing my love to you?"

I started getting red, "No of course not... you know what forget it!"
He was right, that was what I wanted, but why?

We continued class and the teacher plaid a boring ass movie so I started sleeping.

When I looked up I saw the new kid and everyone else surrounding me, laughing their ass out.

"What's so funny?" I asked, stretching my arms out.

Then my friend, Misun, game me a mirror.
"AHHHH" I screamed, someone had drawn on my face.

Then I grabbed the Princess's arm and yeeted him out of the classroom, thankfully the bodyguards weren't there that day our they would of killed me.

I screamed as I slammed him to a wall.

"Why are you complaining? I made your ugly face a little bit more presentable." Then he started laughing.

Gosh how I hate this kid.

Then, the teacher came, she must have seen me dragging him out.

"Both of you detention!"

Wow, I've gotten two detentions because of him. I really wish he went back into his castle.

The teacher dragged both of us to the classroom, probably since he didn't have bodyguards today, I wonder why?

We went back to class and sat down and then he hit my shoulder.

"Look! Now I have detention because of you!" He didn't just-

"WHAT?! You mean I have detention BECAUSE OF YOU!"
The whole class looked our way and we just kept screaming at each other. Then we got sent back to the principal's office. Gosh how I hate that place.

We both sat down and the principal was talking to someone on the phone. "Hello, Mrs. Ha Young Soon. I am calling you because your daughter has been frequently bothering a new student, I hope this issue gets fixed and I don't have to give serious consequences."

I was shocked, my mom is going to kill me, she's going to give me a long ass lecture and ask me what is happening cause I'm not usually like this blah blah blah.

Then the principal asked the new kid, "I am not going to bother your parents but please don't draw on other students' faces."

He did not just say that- so your telling me that I'm getting grounded and he's just going to get away with this?

I was so angry that I just stood up and left not saying anything because the truth was if I open my mouth it'll just make things worse. I'll just have to deal with him for now.

Class ended and I went back to detention, GREAT! Thankfully the princess wasn't able to escape, but I didn't know if he was going to snitch on me if I took out my phone out so I just started doing homework.

Then he just sat next to me and pulled out HIS homework.

"Hey ugly! Do my homework!" He slammed his paper in my desk.

"Uh no, I am not your slave and I will never be" I slammed back the paper to him.

"At least help me will you?" He started doing cute faces but I just looked at my paper.

"Please explain how you got into this school if you can't even do your homework." The thing is this is a really good school but it is really competitive, so unless you get really good grades, they won't let you be here.

He threw a pen at me. "Hey! Are you saying I'm dumb?"

"No your majesty, you have an iq of 150." I started teasing him.

He rolled his eyes and at the end I did help him with his homework, but on one condition, if I got detention because of him one more time, he will have to go for me.

After we finished our homework, we made a bet to see who was smarter. "Whoever gets a higher score on the upcoming test gets to do the other person's homework for a month and gets to ask for five favors" We both agreed to it and went home.

I started studying for the exam on Friday, because I do NOT want to do his homework or be his slave five times! But then I remembered the idea I had to for tomorrow morning!

I got a poster and wrote "$25 to sit next to" shoot I forgot his name. So I looked up online my school's name and obviously there were articles talking about him. Apparently he is in a k-pop group... wait WHAT? I started doing a bunch of research and found out he is the oldest out of the seven members.

Ahhh, that's why I never see him hanging out with anyone, it's cause his friends go to a different school.
Well, I found his name so I continued writing on the poster.

"$25 to sit next to Seokjin for five minutes" I know that's a lot of money but I remembered that he's famous and has a bunch of girls following him, I think it'll work.

Then I heard the house door open and knew my mom was home.
I quickly got in my bed and acted like I was sleeping, one minute later my mom literally kicks the door open and comes in loudly.

"Ha Soomin! Why did I get a phone call from school saying you were mean to another student!?"

Then she lifted my sheet and grabbed my arm!


I slowly opened my eyes pretending I was sleeping.
"What happened mom?"

"You are grounded for a week. No leaving the house unless it's for school!"

GREAT! Now this kid has given me two detentions and now I am grounded for a week. He's been such a blessing!

Now I am so going to put that poster in my chair. But I can only do that before class and on break because I don't think the teacher wants a girl to stand up every 5 minutes when class is happening.

Then my friend, Misun, texted me. You see, I'm not really a social butterfly so I don't make many friends, so she's pretty much my only friend right now.

"I didn't know you talked to Seokjin, isn't he dreamy" When I read that I almost vomited. I can't believe she's also in his spell.

"HE'S NOT! Oh do you want to be my first customer, and you know what since you are my friend I'll let you do it free this time." I should have someone to do it first so everyone knows I'm serious.

"For what?" She quickly responds

"You know how I sit next to the ugly princess, well I was thinking that I could sell my seat and I'll make good money, might as well take advantage of the situation."

"Count me in but have you asked him?"

"I don't care what he thinks"
I really don't, he can't really do anything about it cause I'm not going to do it in the middle of class.

I go to bed just thinking about how much money I'll get. I don't even feel bad he deserves it.

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