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AIA HAD WOKEN UP TO THE SUNLIGHT PASSING THROUGH FEZ'S BLINDS. Despite the number of drinks she had yesterday, her headache was not that bad, in fact it was bearable.

Aia wrapped herself in the duvet, waves of nausea adding to her misery. Her phone pinged with message after message, none of them from Rue; hers was a special ring. Her brain felt like it would swell beyond the capacity of her skull and now her dehydration was too obvious to ignore. She would most likely end up on her backside if she tried to get up. Again her stomach lurched and gurgled. Perhaps some painkillers would help too. She raised her heavy eyelids half way only for them to fall shut. She raised them again and swung her bare feet to the carpet again. It was cold and sticky underfoot, she must have missed that earlier. One bleary look told her what she'd been doing last night with Val, the couch was a mess all the pillows seemed to have found their magical place on the floor.

The girl got up and rubbed her eyes. She remembered, what Fez had said the night before.

' The tylenol is in cupboard above the stove. '

She reached up and brought down the medicine. Her hand shook out three from the light red container and returned it back to its position. She went back to the couch and grabbed her shoes. She quickly laced them up and found a pen and a pad in the kitchen. She put on her jacket, left the note on the counter and walked out of his house.

Thanks for letting me crash here. I owe you one big time

xx, Aia

The walk home was a quiet one. Some people called this the walk of shame but seeing as she didn't do anything, noone could really call it that. The sound of the birds were irritating Aia and the sun would have been worse if she hadn't taken the Advil.

With each stride her mind became more clear, more resolute, as if the growing physical distance between her and her hangover had now become an emotional chasm. As the nascent sunlight caressed her skin, promising a new dawn, a new beginning, she entombed her memories of last night in thick walled ice. Then, abruptly pausing to close her eyes and take in a deep breath of dewy air, she steeled herself to only think of her future from here on in. A future she would be able to control. She was never going to do this again. Last night was a mistake. Then with each stride after that she felt more in charge, in command of her own mind, body and soul. She was a girl walking into her own destiny, a destiny that lay squarely in her own hands.

She arrived home after five minutes. She opened the door gently and creeped inside.

" Well, Look who's home at," Aimi paused to check her watch," 8:00 in the morning. I bet Mom and Dad would love to hear about this. Picture it the Golden Child gets in trouble."

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