twenty-nine | end

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"Hey, can I borrow a pencil?"

Gene next to me sighed and reached into his bag, just to pull out the smallest pencil I had ever seen. I took it and eyed it with a raised brow.

"I said a pencil. Not an abused match."

Gene rolled his eyes, failing to scare me off by acting annoyed. I couldn't care less about him, I just really needed a pencil, and he happened to sit close in biology.

"Just take it and shut up," he hissed, not looking up at me.

The teacher was busy writing something on the blackboard, so she wouldn't even notice us having a conversation. I leaned closer to Gene, my curiosity taking over.

"So, why exactly do you act like I'm a walking disease again?"

Gene narrowed his eyes. "I don't. Be quiet."

"Actually, you do. You can't even look at me. Am I that contagious? Hot damn." I leaned back in my chair so it was only balancing on two legs. "You could just tell me, and I'll shut up."

Asher on my other side reached out and pushed my chair forward, causing me to sit properly again. I rolled my eyes at him. Such a killjoy.

Gene glanced at Asher, then at me, and shook his head before turning away. Oh. Ooooh. So that was the reason.

I quietly chuckled and leant closer to Asher.

"Hey, wanna hear something funny?" I whispered.

He lazily raised a brow. "The story of your life?"

"Gene doesn't like me anymore because I hang out with you guys," I said, ignoring his reply. I cracked a grin while Asher just shrugged.

"I've noticed."

My expression faltered. "Wait, and you didn't tell me?"

Ash shrugged a second time. "I figured you'd noticed, too."

I leant back in my chair again, balancing on only two legs. Disgusting. I was so incredibly slow lately.

"I'm gonna glue that chair to the floor if you don't stop," Asher said in annoyance, talking quietly so the teacher wouldn't look at us.

I shot him a smile. "Aw, are you worried I'm gonna fall?"

He raised a brow, unimpressed. "And crack your head open and die. Yeah, actually."

My smile vanished. Like I said, killjoy.

School was boring, lunch was okay, the lessons after that went on with being boring, and finally I found myself back in Asher's room. Gill and Sam were laying on a small sofa that was standing in one corner, Tyler had claimed his spot on the soft carpet, and Asher and I were laying on his bed.

His one arm was lazily dragged around my shoulders, lightly pressing me against him. I was holding my phone, scrolling through Instagram while both our gazes were fixed on the screen.

"Hey, Gill, pass me another stick," I said. She mumbled something about me being rude, but reached out to hand me a salted stick.

I put my phone away and smiled at her. "Gomavo," I said.

Gill raised an eyebrow. "Uh, I don't speak Chinese."

I rolled my eyes as I bit off half of my stick, holding the other half out to Asher. "It's Korean, you ignorant fool. And it means 'thank you'. You're welcome."

"I thought you didn't speak Korean," Asher said, munching on the stick.

"Oh, I don't. Michael and Anna taught me that word." I smiled at the ceiling above us. "They hang out so much lately. It's insane."

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