Chapter 46

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Magnus, Jace and I were portalled back to the institute. All I wanted to do was to get Clary out of that cell. I couldn't bare thinking that she was suffering there with Jonathan alongside her. It was torture. I didn't know how to feel about Liz being against us. She had every motive to be. Her father was Agramon and whenever Jonathan was here she was gone. It was almost like they were switching places. We hardly had proof that it was her who actually did this but we had to go with Jace's gut feeling.

"How are you feeling?" I asked Jace. I knew that Jace liked her or at least fancied her a bit. I had no idea what Liz's intentions were towards Jace but I knew that he did care for her.

"I am alright." He said quietly, just shrugging it off like it was nothing. He always had done this, acting that nothing got to him when it actually pained him inside out.

"Listen, we don't know if this is really Liz's work." I said and Jace looked at me. His eyes were full of tears and his eyes were red. I didn't know if this was out of anger or sadness. He clenched his jaw and shook his head.

"My mother is dead because of someone inside here in the institute and I know it is Liz. Who else would go against us?" Jace asked as the tears streamed down his cheeks. I blinked a few times and took a few steps back to give him some space. I knew deep inside that he was right but somewhere I hoped that we didn't have someone from our family doing something like this.

"I will get her no matter what." Jace said and I just nodded without saying something. When I saw Izzy walking towards us, I noticed the concern on her face. The first thing that came in my mind was Clary and anxiety overwhelmed me.

"What is it?" I asked when Izzy approached us. She looked at me and then at Jace. She sighed out before starting to speak.

"I think Liz is doing something. She has gone out and I went after her. I saw her meeting with Valentine." Izzy said concerned and my eyes widened in surprise. This shouldn't have come as a shock to me. Jace already put the cards out on the table. It was just a matter of fact if I believed or not. I shook my head and sighed out.

"My father is here?" Jace asked in surprise and Izzy nodded. She was breathing heavily which brought to my attention that she must have been running back. They could still be there.

"It was down at the graveyard." Izzy said and I quickly walked over to the weapon room with Jace following me.

"We have to be careful." I said before leaving. Jace shook his head as he angrily looked out to see where his father and Liz are.

"I will kill him." Jace said and I saw that Izzy looked at me with concern. I knew that Jace was acting out of pure anger and I would have done the same thing but it was not smart. It could put him in danger and Jace was the only family member that Clary had left. I don't know how she would react if she would have lost Jace too.

We walked up on the graveyard and almost a gasp was escaped from my mouth when I saw Liz standing with Valentine. It was true. It was her... We walked a bit closer and I let my arrow fly right on Valentine. It hit him in the leg and he quickly looked up. I saw Liz turning around to see what was happening and when she saw us, she looked in shock.

"You killed my mother!" Jace shouted and walked up towards Valentine. He let his seraph blade turn around and cut a bit of Valentine's leg. I heard Valentine scream and Liz took a seraph blade, facing me.

"I never thought this day would come." I whispered when I looked at Liz. She chuckled and try to stab me but Izzy stopped her with her swing.

"Hands off my brother. Don't you understand that yet?" Izzy asked annoyed and Liz now faced herself to Alec.

"You were welcomed and loved. How could you do this to us?!" I shouted at Liz. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Every shadowhunter looked at me like they wanted to murder me. Don't you think I hear the whispers in the office? I was cut off the community right after my father had done that!" Liz shouted and attacked me again with her seraph blade. She slightly cut me on my arm and I quickly moved away.

"At least with my father I belong. I am not an outcast there." Liz said and I shook my head.

"You were wrong. Your father will never love you as we did." I said and I saw that Liz was getting angry. She came again at me but I shot her in her leg with an arrow which made her fall on the ground.

"You are here because of your own actions. No one else has to do with this." I said as I cuffed her hands. She tried to fight me off but she couldn't. She was weakened and Izzy was holding her. I looked up when I saw Jace fighting with his father. I took my arrow and bow, directed on Valentine.

I let go of it and shot right in his arm where he was holding his seraph blade. He screamed again and Jace pushed him away from himself. Jace held the seraph blade up, wanting to kill his father here and now. Valentine looked up and laughed. When I looked up, I saw blinding light coming towards them.

"Jace! Watch out!" I screamed and ran towards him. I heard Izzy yell my name but all I wanted to do was getting as soon as possible to Jace. I pushed Jace away and both of us landed hard on the ground. I turned my head around to see what was coming at Jace and to my surprise, I saw Agramon. 

"You guys can't do anything alone without messing it up." Agramon said. I stood up and just stared at him in shock. The last time I saw him was when he tried to get Clary with him but failed. Izzy was still holding onto Liz, so she wouldn't escape.

"Alec." Agramon said as he looked at me and I frowned. I clenched my jaw and felt the same anger when he betrayed us because of him thousands of innocents lives were taken away.

"Uncle." I shot angrily back and looked at him. He started to come close and I quickly directed my bow and arrow on him. Agramon put his hands up whilst laughing.

"Do you really think that will stop me?" He asked and I smiled.

"I would like to try." I said and Agramon looked angry at me. Jace was holding his seraph blade up, giving me shelter.

"Than you will die trying." Agramon said. He clapped once in his hand and massive energy bounced back towards us which pushed us away. Both Jace and I fell hard on the ground. I quickly looked up and saw Valentine, and Liz escaping together with Agramon. Izzy was unconscious on the ground and Jace stood up again.

He ran towards them and Agramon held his hand up which caused Jace to stop. He started to scream and held his head. I quickly ran towards Jace and was stopped by the same energy. There was blood coming out of the eyes of Jace and I felt it dripping of my eyes too. Before Agramon left he smiled at us and portalled away. Both Jace and I fell exhausted on the ground, trying to catch our breath. What the hell did Agramon just do with us?

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