Chapter 20- "help jack"

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Jacks POV
I am just sitting on my bed watching tv because I'm bored. I head my phone ring but I ignore it because it's probably just a telemarketer. It finished ringing and then it starts ringing again. I don't answer. Then it starts ringing with messages. Okay, something must be wrong. I rush over to my phone and see missed calls from Zach and texts from him.
Zachy😘❤️:Jack, please answer it's an emergency
Zachy😘❤️: help, it's my dad
Zachy😘❤️: he's hurting me
I see the texts and immediately call Zach. It rings once before he picks up.
"Zach! Is everything okay?" I ask worried.
"N-no, Jack I need y-you to come here. I-I'm at my f-fathers house" He says like he's out of breath. He's crying and I can tell he's hurt.
"Zach, where is your dads house" I ask.
"I-it's on.." I hear screaming in the background. "J-jack, please come" and the call ends.
"Zach?!" I ask through the phone. "Damn it!" I yell. I get into my car and pick up the boys.
"Guys, Zach is hurt. He called and he's being hurt by his dad." I say. "Go to the jail" Jonah says. "What? Why?" I ask confused. "To see Eben and ask where his dad lives" he says in a duh tone. "Ohhh" all of us go. I rush to the Jail and I go in with Jonah because he's the oldest.
There's a lady at a desk and we go up to her. "Hi, are you visiting?" she asks. "Yes, we are here to visit Eben"

Ebens POV
I've been here for about two weeks. It's horrible. I really regret doing what I did. I didn't expect to almost kill Zach. I sit on my bed and look down at my feet. "You have visitors" one of the guards say. I look at him confused because I know my family doesn't want to see me. I sit up and they handcuff me. They take me to the visitation room. I see Jack and Jonah. Why would they want to see me? I sit down in the chair. "Eben, we have an emergency" Jack says. "Yes?" I ask. "Okay, So Zach's in trouble. He's at his dads house and his dad is hurting him. Do have any idea where he lives?" Jack asks. Zach and I used to hang out all the time there before his dad went to jail. "Yeah, he lives on **********. Is he alright?" I ask kinda worried about Zach. I regret what I did so much. I don't know why I ever did what I did. I think jealousy took over because of how perfect his family life is. I just became evil but I really do care about him. "I don't know, he called me and he was crying and sounded hurt" Jack says. "Go save him" I say. They head out. I really hope Zach's okay. His dad is really bad, he use to tell me stories about him and how he hurt him.

Jacks POV
We start to head over to the address that Eben gave us. We rang the doorbell. We waited a couple minutes and then a man answers. "Hi, are you Josh Herron?" I ask. I could tell he was drunk. "Yes what do you want?" He asks and I could tell he was annoyed. The boys come up behind me. "Where is Zach?" I ask. He gets angry. "You must be his boyfriend huh?" He says poking my chest when he says 'you'. "Where is he?!" I growl. I hear yelling and it sounds like Zach. The boys and I run in the house and follow the sounds of the screams. It's sounds like it's coming from the basement. We rush down there and see...

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