Chapter 1

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"STOB IT! Stop pushing me!" I said as I was trying to go to my locker.

So apparently there's a new kid coming today and everyone is excited. I get he's kind of famous but all this.... for one person?

Everyone was around the locker next to mine. It HAD to be the one next to mine. This is so unfair, I can barely even move. However, the new kid looked at the horde of thirsty lions in back of him and told them to get lost.

"Hey you! Didn't I say for everyone to get lost?" The new kid said TO ME.

"First of all, I am not one of those fan girls and second of all, this ain't your house you don't tell me what to do!" I said while closing my locker.

He just closed his door and started walking away.

"Have fun coward, welcome to this prison they call school!" I quickly screamed his way.

He looked back and clapped his hands. I was confused when these two guys just came at me and grabbed me.

"EXCUSE ME! You can't just grab me like this!" I was so pissed I started screaming on the top of my lungs.

"Was this girl bothering you, our king, worldwide handsome?" One of the guys grabbing me said.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL HIM? King, worldwide handsome?" I started laughing until the new kid interrupted my happiness.

"Yes she assaulted me because I'm too handsome for her." The new kid had the audacity to lie.

"WHAT! I SWEAR IF YOU DONT SHUT UP" then I was interrupted by one of the teachers passing by.

"Hey you two stop grabbing her! And Ha Soomin, can you stop screaming and disturbing the poor new kid?" She then grabbed me by force but asked the new kid kindly to follow her. We love this favoritism, we really do.

After being dragged to the principal's office we were both seated, and of course he was given the bigger seat.

"I'm so sorry Kim Seok Jin! I don't know why our student behaved this way. Please accept our apologies" the principal said staring at me.

Then, the new kid, the principal, AND the teacher all stared at me.
"What?" I said

"Aren't you going to apologize to your dear classmate?" The principal exclaimed.

I couldn't believe what I just heard and then the new kid just smiled at me and then said, "It's okay she's just mind-blowed by my beauty, don't worry I'm used to it." He then stood up and left.

Did he really just say that? I was pissed. But then the principal really said "Look I know having such a good-looking classmate is hard but we know you are better than this"

"HE'S NOT EVEN GOOD-LOOKING" I screamed so loud that my whole face got red. After that the principal dared to give me a detention.

"WHAT DID I DO WRONG? And what about the two guys holding me? What was their deal?" I stood up demanding explanations.

"Oh the two guys were hired by Kim Seokjin to be his bodyguards, as you know he is famous and he must be protected" I just stared at the principal when he said "Now go to class or you will be late!"

I just started walking, well now I get why he has that big mouth of his. He can just say and do anything he wants and he'll just get away with it.

I went to my first period and sat at my desk. You see, I always like to be my myself in class so I can focus more, so the teacher let me sit by myself since I begged and begged.

However, the new kid entered my class. What was his name? I don't really remember so I'll call him "Princess". Yes, that's a perfect name for him. Well the thing is since the only empty seat was next to mine the teacher quickly told him to sit there. I just stared at him when he was walking my way. No, you've got to be kidding me.

He sits down and throws his book bag on top of me. "Excuse me!" I stare at him and he looks at me.

"Oh sorry! I didn't notice you were there, you see pretty people only notice pretty people, you wouldn't understand."

This kid... what did I do to deserve this?

"Oh sorry princess, but I don't care" I threw his book bag at his face and his ears turned red.

"Hey! I get you are jealous of me but you don't have to blame it on my handsome face!" I took two deep breaths and remembered he had two bodyguards.

"I'm sorry your majesty, but please don't place your beautiful book bag on top of me" I was disgusted at myself for saying that and he didn't even reply he just took out his notebook and pen and so did I.

Then we had to do a classwork on math and I did it in five minutes as math is my best subject. I look toward my ugly partner and check where he is at.

I start giggling, "Wow, your so good! Look, you did question 1, want a trophy?"

He squints his eyes at me and looks at my paper, "What you already finished?"

"Of course, I am actually intelligent. But only smart people know what that is, so you wouldn't understand." I smiled at him and he just stared at me. Wow he's so handsome... wait what? No HE'S UGLY.

"Help me then smart pants." He was smiling and my heart was melting but I have to be strong.

"And what will I get out of that?" I said raising one of my eyebrows.

He stumbled, "Isn't being close to me enough?"

I started laughing my ass off, "You are really funny, you should become a comedian"

He stared at me, "Fine, what do you want?"

"Now we are talking, hmm let's see, I want you to buy me roses and give them to me in front of EVERYONE tomorrow morning" I said grinning.

"What? Absolutely not!" Then the teacher announced "I will give you ten more minutes for this assignment and remember it is being graded!" Then he looked at the time and back at me.

"How about I give you money?" He looked desperate so I wasn't going to let this go easily.

"I don't need your money, the roses or you fail, period." I said and lifted my shoulders.

"Fine! But you better hurry up because we don't have much time!" I started explaining everything to him and he understood, I mean I'm an amazing teacher, just saying. Then he was done and there were still two minutes left.

"See? You are done, easy right? But I can't wait for your surprise tomorrow! The famous new kid giving another student roses" I teased him as I was imagining it already and laughing about it.

He just looked down and asked me, "So what color roses?" I stared at him and smiled, "Well, now that you asked since my favorite color is blue... I want blue roses!"

He flicked my forehead with his fingers.

"OW! Why you do that?" I said massaging my forehead.
"Are you crazy? Those are super hard to find!" He was right and I didn't even really care about the color so I just said, "Red is fine then."

I went to detention, which I was the only one there, but I sneaked my phone in and started watching K-dramas, so it wasn't that bad.

After one hour passed they let me out and I went home. I could only think about my revenge. "He is going to be so embarrassed!" I thought to myself.

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