Chapter 5 You’re hawk protects you

        Clint studied him and looked up “Hi. We’re apart of the Avengers…we need some help, if you don’t mind?” The man raised an eyebrow “Depends on what you need help on-” Then a woman with dark skin and white hair came up “Logan! Stop scaring away our guests!” she playfully hit him in the arm that made me giggled “We need a little help determining our friend’s powers.” Bruce pulled me out to show me to them “This is her.” I gave them a small smile “hi.”

          “Ok well come in and let me get Hank.” Clint continued to my hand and walked me inside. I put my hand down tiredly which made Clint glance at me “Tired…?” I nodded and yawned rubbing my eyes; I heard him chuckle “Well you can’t sleep now…sorry.” I didn’t listen and laid my head on his chest and drifted to sleep. I began to dream about the men who hurt me all these years. I was remembering the whips and the bow and the pain having wet tears.

          I felt myself crying in my sleep they weren’t going away I couldn’t wake myself up. I know I was getting worse then someone was calling my name “Andrew…!” I realized it was Clint and I woke up gasping with tears down on my cheeks; Clint wrapped his arms around me protectively “You okay?” Bruce added “You were crying in your sleep.” I said quietly “I’m fine sorry to worry you guys.”

          “It’s fine…but what were you dreaming about?” As Clint wiped more of my tears away when I was looking down “Nothing.” “It wouldn’t be nothing if you were crying like that.” Bruce begged “Andrew, we want to help…tell us…” I couldn’t help but to start crying again “Just the things they did to me, it will never go away.” Clint hugged tightly “Don’t think about it right now. You’ll keeping crying,” Bruce stroked my hair concerned. I mumbled ok in Clint chest.

“We still need to determine your powers …so…” Hank came in “Ok well Andrew you seem to have the almost same powers as Jean Grey but you're hawk protects you and you can do a lot of damage you have telekinesis and you have powerful sorcery like a Norse god or goddess,” He explained “Okay how do I learn to control my powers? I don’t want to lose control and hurt others.” I looked at Clint and Bruce “We can help you with that.” He smiled as Bruce agreed “Of course…we’d be more than happy to help...but since you have powers like a Norse goddess...I think Thor could probably help too.

I smiled then Bruce’s phone went off as Clint groaned “It’s probably Fury.” Bruce closed the phone and looked confused “Well there’s someone at base asking for you.” We were leaving “Ok carry me please.” I smiled at Clint who chuckled at me and carried me “Lets go Bruce.” I giggled and laid on Clint “Hmmm I like this spot.” Clint chuckled “You have a cute laugh.” I kinda blushed “No I don’t but you have a handsome smiled.” He smiled and cheek my check “Yes you do…and thank you.”

I giggled again slipping my hand into Clint’s and squeezed it as I pecked his lips “Alright, Alright, we’re here.” Bruce laughed at us. Clint grinned at me “Do I need to carry you again?” I smiled brightly “If you want to, I could walk.” He picked me up and walked into shield “I think I’d like to carry you.” I giggled then put down when she saw Fury “Sir.” Clint straightened himself out “Errrr…Sir” ‘This is embarrassing’ I thought to myself. “Always Andrew there is someone here to see you Andrew.”

He brought us to the meeting room and I gasped “Oh no.” hiding behind Fury and Clint. Clint held my hand behind his back “Who is he?” “That’s the man that hurt me.” I began to have a anxiety attack “Is that you Andrew? Baby lets go home.” I don’t want to leave with him I want to stay with Clint and the team “Please don’t let him take me.” Clint glared at Wade “She’s isn’t going anywhere with you…” He held me protectively behind him.