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Ryujin sighed as she emptied the last of the dark brown, almost black, sauce into her noodles and frowned. She fortunately had enough for her food, but she knew she had to get more ASAP if she didn't want to experience any of the withdrawal symptoms. It took all of her will to not abandon her food and sprint to the store to buy multiple bottles so she wouldn't run out anytime soon. But she only had the money for one, as the rest of her money had been spent buying albums and other random things she wanted.

After nearly choking at least five times from stuffing the noodles down her throat, Ryujin grabbed her wallet and all but ran out the house, heading towards the nearby convenience store. She forgot to tell her mom where she was going, but it wouldn't be that long. She'd be back before her mom would even notice, as the woman was asleep since she worked night shifts at the hospital.

Her mom knew of her addiction, and had done everything she could to get Ryujin to stop it, but it was hard when you're either working or sleeping for majority of the day and even harder when your daughter absolutely refuses to take any of the given warnings to heart. She always pointed out that too much sodium would harm Ryujin, so Ryujin just opted for the low sodium version to get her mother off her back. Still, her mother pestered her along with others who knew of her habit. But Ryujin just couldn't live without her sauce and she ignored them.

Soy sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, ran through her mind as she made the two minute walk to the store. It was warm outside with the sky being painted in pretty oranges, pinks, and purples. Children were playing outside, riding bikes and playing on the nearby playground. She would've slowed her pace down to enjoy the atmosphere had it not been for her current predicament.


Ryujin looked around for the source of the familiar voice but didn't slow down her pace. By then she was near the store, and when she looked ahead she could see her friend, Yeji, leaning against the side of the yellow bricked building.

Yeji was only a year older than her, but managed to snag and hold down a job for nearly two years already. When Ryujin asked exactly why she had gotten a job, Yeji said that she just wanted some extra money, but for some reason Ryujin didn't completely believe that.

"Ran out again?" Yeji asked, pushing herself off the wall and following Ryujin inside the store.

"Yeah, I almost died with how fast I ate before I came."

Yeji rolled her eyes with a smile.

Ryujin hurried to the aisle that held her source of life, and was disappointed and distraught when she saw only a small bottle of soy sauce. She looked over the shelf to see if some were hiding behind another item and sadly grabbed the small bottle from the shelf. It wasn't even the size of her hand! It'll barely last her three days, if even that long.


A tall, slender girl stood before her wearing a bright smile and sporting blonde hair. She was wearing light blue overalls with a white t-shirt, long socks and converses. Had Ryujin not have seen her before, she would've thought about how pretty she looked.

"Hey, Yuna," she replied.

Yuna lived...yeah, Ryujin doesn't know where she lived. She assumed the younger lived close by, but has never seen her enter nor exit a building so she isn't too sure. She just pops up in the area randomly for whatever reason, and talks to Ryujin 99% of the time they see each other. Ryujin wouldn't exactly call her a friend, but not a complete stranger either.

"Soy sauce?" She asked.

"Yeah, I just ran out. And apparently the store did too. I guess other people must really like it too."

Yuna's eyes flickered to the empty area where bottles of soy sauce normally were. "Huh, weird. Well, I have some home if you want?"

Ryujin waved her hand. "Nah, it's cool. I'm sure they'll restock the next time I come here."

"What, in a day?"

The shorter glanced down at the tiny bottle in her hand. "Maybe two. Maybe three. Can't tell for sure. But I know my mom will lecture me cause this isn't low sodium."

Ryujin smirked before whirling around and heading to the cash register, where Yeji was stationed. She put the bottle on the counter before opening her wallet to get the necessary amount of money out.

"Whoa, are you finally taking it easy?" Yeji grinned as she scanned the item.

"No. You guys just only had that left."

The grin quickly flipped into a frown. "I've literally seen nobody but you buy soy sauce from here."

"Yeah, well, apparently somebody does." Ryujin handed her the money.

Yeji stared at a spot behind Ryujin, but the latter didn't care enough to ask what she was looking for. "Weird."

"Very. Anyways, thanks. I'll be back in like an hour after I chug this down."

She was only half kidding.

Ryujin plucked the bottle off the counter and slid it into her jacket pocket before leaving the store and making her way back home.

yeee! so this is my second ryuna fic, and i hope you guys like it cause i'm having fun writing it :D

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