*frantically wishes there was a soy sauce emoji*

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Hi, gays!

Okay so this story is mainly self-indulgent because I've wanted to write about someone who loves soy sauce a lot for a while because I really like soy sauce. And then Itzy made their comeback with the bop of the century with ICY and I also took inspiration from Yuna's little scenes in the MV, so imagine that Yuna in this story🤠

(Also the song's meaning is pretty much the overall theme kind of, like don't care what people think along with Dalla Dalla ofc)

And I really wanted to write another Itzy fic and then I got encouraged by literally two people and ta-da! Another Itzy fic :D

It's kind of a crack fic?? But with a serious plot.

Okay, so WARNINGS:
- talks of addiction
- kidnapping
- mafia undertones
- gay🌈

Okay, I think that all covers it! Stan Itzy, stream Icy, and drink soy sauce🥤❄️

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