Chapter 12 - "You are a coward."

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Lisa's POV

I looked shocked when Matthew was kissing Maira. Everyone's eyes were focused on them and surprise had overwhelmed everyone. I could see that Alberto was jealous and I did not blame him. Matthew was eating almost the life out of Maira. Damn, he really went for it. When Maira pulled out of the kiss, I saw how red she was. I think it was visible to everyone that Maira has gotten shy because of this.

"Nice lips." Matthew said to Maira and she widened her eyes in surprise. Everyone else started yelling "Oh!" and I was just sitting there in shock. Maira shyly smiled and looked away from Matthew. She looked over at me and I could see how surprised she was by this.

"Okay, Emeraude. Truth or dare?" Matthew asked. Everyone now looked over at Em who was busy with food. Everyone laughed at her shocked impression on her face.

"Truth." She said and Matthew sighed.

"Always playing safe." He said and everyone laughed.

"What was your most embarrassing moment?" Matthew asked and Emeraude started to think. She laughed.

"It was when I farted in front of my crush by accident." Em said whilst laughing. Everyone else started to laugh and I shook my head. That really sounds like her.

"Lisa, truth or dare?" Em asked and I smiled. I wanted to play safe but then again I wanted some action.

"Dare." I said and Emeraude smiled evily. It looked like she was plotting a murder in her head.

"Kiss the boy you fancy the most." Emeraude said and I choked up in my own breathing. I had no idea who to kiss. I couldn't kiss Isaiah, he was like my father and Alberto was just like my brother which only left Matthew, Harry and Dominic.

I looked around and saw Matthew smiling. That guy is not going to get a kiss from me. Harry uncomfortably looked around. I would be too if I was in a relationship. I looked at Dominic who didn't pay attention. I walked towards him and he looked up with a smile.

"This does not mean anything." I said when I put my hand around his cheeks. He chuckled softly and I put myself closer so our lips would touch. It surprised me because he had soft lips which I did not expect at all. His mouth moved closer to me and I felt his tongue sliding in my mouth. I quickly backed away and looked at him.

"Good kiss." He said and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and again sat down.

"Dominic, truth or dare?" I asked. He looked up.

"I don't want to kiss anymore so get me to the truth." Dominic said and I just looked at him. I thought he would pick dare but he didn't.

"What annoys you the most?" I asked and Dominic smiled.

"People who lie about their parent's death or try to gain fame from it." He said and looked over at Maira. I looked at her and I saw how uncomfortable she got again because of this dickhead.

"What is your problem with Maira?" I asked annoyed and Dominic looked at me in surprise. He clearly didn't expect that I would speak up. Well, I will because Maira was my best friend and I don't want anyone to hurt her.

"Nothing." Dominic said as he shrugged his shoulders. I again rolled my eyes at him and he just looked away from Maira.

"You are a coward." I said and stood up.

"Lisa, it's okay." Maira said as she stood up as well. I shook my head.

"How is someone insulting you okay?" I asked in disbelief. Dominic looked amused by this and it annoyed me even more.

"Dominic, you really have to cut this out." Isaiah said and Dominic sighed.

"Girls, please sit down... We were having fun." Emeraude said as she pouted her lips. I gave her a small smile and nodded. I sat down and so did Maira. She looked at me, hoping that she could somehow lessen my anger. It didn't really work with Dominic's presence.

"Maira, truth or dare?" Dominic asked and I shot a glare at Dominic. He was really taking the piss. He was irritating me so much. It was still a wonder that I haven't killed him yet.

"Truth." Maira whispered and Dominic chuckled. He clicked his tongue as he nodded but held himself in to not make a mean comment. At least that's what I thought he did.

"How old were you when you had your first relationship and where did you have your first kiss?" Dominic asked. I looked over at Maira who had trouble answering this question. I was sure that Matthew was her first kiss and she never had a boyfriend. Maira looked up and sighed as Dominic was waiting for an answer.

"Matthew is my first kiss and I never had a relationship." Maira said and everyone else looked a bit surprised.

"Seriously? Boys have been missing out on you girl." Harry said and she laughed.

"They sure did." I said and smiled at Maira.

"I am bored with this game." Isaiah said as stood up. It was getting late as well and we had to wake up early again.

"Looking at the time, I think we should go and sleep." I said and everyone agreed, except Matthew.

"Get your ass up." Alberto said as he pulled Matthew up. I don't know why he was acting so cool with him because he was clearly jealous when he kissed Maira. Alberto, Dominic and Matthew sat down on the couch as the rest were trying to find a place to sleep.

"I think some of you have to share a bed." Kat said and I quickly pulled Maira closer to me. Maira chuckled softly and so did Emeraude.

"Harry and Isaiah, Maira and Lisa, Emeraude and I, Alberto, Matthew and Dominic will share." Kat said and everyone agreed. Maira and I walked over to our guest room. When we got inside, I heard Maira breathe out loud.

"Dominic really hates me." She said and I shrugged.

"Well, everyone here in the cast is annoyed with Dominic so he is really alone in hating you." I said and she smiled.

"You kissed Matthew." I said and Maira shyly hid her face with her hands. When she moved her hands away from her face, she turned red like a tomato.

"Do you like him?" I asked and Maira shrugged it off.

"I have never felt this way and it's new. I never had a relationship." She said and I held her hand as we both jumped on the bed.

"Well, I never had a relationship where a guy wasn't a total dickhead." I said and Maira laughed softly.

"Do you think Matthew and I would work?" Maira asked and I looked at her in surprise.

"I think it's early to tell." I said and I saw how her face went down when I said that. I quickly patted her hand.

"But that doesn't mean that it won't work." I said and she smiled. I knew that Maira liked Matthew. I wasn't sure what Matthew's intention was but I didn't want to judge him harshly. That wouldn't be fair.

"What do you think of Alberto?" I asked and Maira frowned. She looked a bit confused when I asked her about Alberto.

"I think he is a great guy." Maira said and I sighed. That really sounded like a friend zone. Damn, Alberto...

"Let's get ready for bed. Tomorrow is our first day at work." I said and she nodded. I had no idea what this would bring us. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that Dominic would annoy me and I had no clue what to do about that. It would terrify me if he would ruin my work.

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