Good boy Zsasz

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Oscars pov

I sigh as I clean the kitchen, shoulders and arms aching from all the heavy lifting. Maybe I should hire more people? Just as I go to lift the large bag of flour, the kitchen door opens, Beth probably had forgotten some-.

A low whistle interrupts that thought and I blush deeply as I straighten up. I turn to face Victors dark eyes, a sinful smirk on his lips. "Oh no, don't let lil ole me stop ya. Just enjoying this wonderful veiw." His pink tongue flicks out and I shiver.

God, this is getting frustrating.

"I'm just wondering when the flirting will end and you finally choke on my-"

"I'll help you!" Victor squeaks, his face turning flaming red as he rushed over to the bag of flour beside me. As always, he seems shocked and thrown off balance by my words and immediately changes the subject.

When Victor bends over to grab it, I quickly move behind him, placing a hand on his hip. I pull Zsasz so his back is flush against my front, one hand on his hip, my other arm across his shoulders, trapping him firmly against me.

I breath hotly against his ear before whispering. "Continue this game of cat and mouse if you want, Zsasz. But I won't touch you again until you ask for it, until you beg for it. Then, and only then, will I make you mine and tear you apart. Piece by piece. Put you back together slowly." I hum before trailing off.

Zsasz lets out a choked moan when I kiss the base of his neck. "I know what you need, you need to be a good boy for me. But, I'll give you the time and space you need. For now, I need you to put away and finish cleaning this kitchen for me. When your done, join me for coffee and bagels at the booth." I kiss his neck gently one more time.

"Be a good boy and that will be your reward." I hiss before letting go of him.

I ignore Zsasz's whine as I leave the room, whisting my favorite tune. Once I close the door behind myself, I linger for a moment to listen and peep through the small glass. I smile happily once I see Victor gather himself and start finishing putting away the small touches I hadn't gotten around to.

I pull out the last three bagels, deciding to give Zsasz the extra one as I so feel bad for making him finish the kitchen but its what he needs. Victor Zsasz is a man who would burn the whole would down if he where given no direction. Splitting the bagels in half, I butter them and heat them up as I turn on the coffeemaker.

The finish around the same time and Zsasz walks out just as I'm putting sprinkles over our bagels. I smile brightly at Zsasz as he walks out shyly. "Just in time. Since Im closing up and going home after this mind if I send Steve and Jeff home? Normally, Id have them here til I leave but theres no point tonight." I ask as I pull out two paper bags.

"Whys there no need tonight?"

"You're here, silly. I know you'll protect me." I roll my eyes at the question. As if anything would happen with Zsasz around. Victor looks at me with an odd expression as I wrap up Steves and Jeffs favorite cupcakes, putting them in their own bag.

I mark which ones whose as Zsasz swallows thickly, giving me a tight nod. "Thanks." I rush out with their goods, stepping outside and they both look down at me. "Hey ya boss." Steve grunts and Jeff smiles.

"No bodies boss. Anyway, you guys can go home early, I know y'all family's worried sick." I hand them both the bags and Jeff smiles down at me. "My kid loves when I come back with these."

"Hows lil Xavier doing?" I smile up at him and he shrugs.

"Good but if you ask him his life is ova cuz he aint got not xbox one."

"Didnt you get him one a few months back?" Steve asks and Jeff nods.

"Yeah but kid keeps using fake swear words and his momma hates it so there had to be punishment."

We chat idly for a moment, before they leave. I hum as I walk back inside, Zsasz at what has become our booth this past week.

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