Kill the Last Kang (Part 1)

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(I wrote this chapter cause I couldn't sleep.... it's currently 11:77 pm and I have school tomorrow 🤡 I have to wake up at 5:25 am and it's an hour driven from my place to school..... Soooooo this chapter was not proof read, so I apologized that some of the sentences does not make sense (wrong grammar). Also, I was thinking of writing 2 or 3 parts to this chapter (that's why it's short).... I hope you guys enjoy reading it!)

In the car~

As Seulgi was driving she received a text message of the address of the meeting place followed by a call from Hyun-suk.

"I'd hurry up if I were you Seulgi.... I don't think these beautiful girls have the strength anymore to take on the tortures we've been giving them...." said Hyun-suk.

In the background you here Irene screaming in pain.

"Oh whoops I think I knocked this little one unconscious..." said one of the brothers.
"If I were you guys i'd watch your back because I will kill you filthy bastards with a slow and painful death!" Seulgi threatens them.
"It's not right to speak to elderly like that Seulgi....You better watch it or else we'll knock the other girl as well.... just make sure you get here 9:00 pm sharp. Oh and here's the address ******!!!"
call ended

Seulgi started tearing up again as she looking at the picture Irene took of the three of them from last night that on the dashboard.

"I'm so sorry Irene and Yerimie! I will do my best to make sure the three of us will be together again! Please stay strong and wait for me... If something happens to the both of you, I don't think I will be able to forgive myself and live my life.... The both of you are my world and without you two i'm nothing... s-so p-please.... wait... for... m-me..."

Through the earpiece-
"Hey Seul-...." said Moonbyul.

Seulgi didn't respond but sniffles.

"Hey listen to me. Remember back in our GND (Girls Next Door) days. The assignment that almost got all the members killed besides you and me.... it was my fault that the members were put in danger. I made a wrong call... But remember what you told me when I was about to give up?....... You said that "Now is not the time to give! Giving up is not an option. It doesn't matter much pain you'll have to suffer during and after this but if that suffering can get you to save everyone especially our members. Nothing could compare to the feeling of us starting together and finishing together..."
Seulgi sniffles again and said "You left the part what I said after... "besides crying doesn't suits you... it makes you uglier!" Seulgi laughed a bit.
"Man Seulgi! I'm trying to give you words of encouragement and you did me dirty!!!!" Moonbyul replied.
"No but really Moon! I'm thankful that you're here with me. I'm not with me right now... but with we through the earpiece... you know what I mean!!!"
"Yeah hahaha!"
"Thanks Moon... I really mean it"
"Don't mention it! Now go get your fiancé and your daughter!!!"

Seulgi continued to drive and it took 3 hours to reach the destination. The location is at an abandoned warehouse. Before going out the car, she hid a handgun on the back of her pants and then walked out. Through the earpiece, Moonbyul told Seulgi to be careful and expect the Yang brothers to have people with them.

Seulgi slowly walked in through the door and it was pitched dark. She carefully scanned her surroundings. A single lightbulb lit up behind her and there she saw was an unconscious Yeri laying on the ground.

But before she could've walked toward Yeri, the whole room was lit up with a lot of men surrounding her and behind does men was Hyun-suk

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But before she could've walked toward Yeri, the whole room was lit up with a lot of men surrounding her and behind does men was Hyun-suk.

"Well if it isn't the famous Seulgi! The last Kang standing. You know this girl of your is so fucking stupid! She pathetic like you... What kind of person rather suffer for a person she's not even related to..... She's tough but not tough enough.... I wonder what kept her from taking in every punches we gave her!!! Could it be you? Or that worthless pretty girl that kept on threatening me that you'd save her and this piece of trash orphan......" said Hyun-suk.
"I came here to deliver the flashdrive.... now hand over Yeri and Irene." Seulgi demanded.
"Uh uh uh!!! Handover the the drive first and then you get them."

Seulgi did not hesitate and she threw the flash drive to Hyun-suk. One of his men pulled out a laptop to check if the flash drive has the files he was looking for. On of his men nodded his head as a sign that it had the files. As Hyun-suk closes the screen of the laptop he ordered his men to kill Seulgi. All the men went charging to Seulgi.

"Hey brothers! I got the drive! And not only that I ordered the men to kill the last Kang, now her fortune is ours!"
"Well what do we do with this girl?" one of the brothers faced the camera to Irene who was tied up with duck tape covering her mouth.
"She'll be useful in the future!"
end call-

To be continued....

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