Eyes On Her

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Part 23-

Demi-" it's my girlfr- umm my friend she's cut her hand up on glass and just want you to check her over" she said smiling

Doctor-" okay? Miss Lovato that's not a problem where is miss.. "

Demi-" just call her Y/N and she's just through here it's pretty bad and thank you for coming out I know you was busy"

Doctor-" hi Y/N my name is Mr Griffin but call me Justin, now let me check this hand out if you don't mind" said smiling

*After 20 mins of trying to pull the glass out of Y/N's hand, it finally came out*

Y/N-" thank you so much doctor, feels a lot better now it's been took out! Thank you again"

Doctor-" you don't need to thank me, *led in closer* but if you don't mind i'd love to take you on a date you are so beautiful" said with the cheesiest smile ever

Y/N turns her head to Demi, demi must of heard it all because she had jealously wrote all over her face Y/N just did a little flirty laugh and turned back to Justin,

Y/N-" I'd love to but your not my type, I'm lesbian and I've got a girlfriend and I'm pretty sure she would get jealous" *starts laughing*

Demi-" anyways thanks for all your help Justin *she said bitchy* please will you leave I have things to do.."

Doctor-" your welcome. Goodbye Y/N love to see you again *winks and passes his card with his number on it* call me by the way you being lesbian just gets me to play my game harder which I love *winks* and goodbye Demi"

With that Demi sees him to the door and slams the door behind him, walking through into where You was and just when You was going to talk Demi kissed you to shut you up and grabbing your clothes and pulling you to the stairs once at the bottom of them she picks You up and starts walking up them..

Demi-" you know what I'm going to do to you once we in our room?"

Y/N-" *blushes* um... Get me sleep?" Laughs

Demi-" here you'll find out right out..."

With that Demi drops you onto the bed and sitting ontop of you so you can't move no where, she led over to the bedside draw and pulling out a pair of handcuffs, but before tieing Your hands to the bed she takes off your top off and does the same to herself, Demi grabs Your boobs rough and start grinding against you which causes You too slip out a moan, Demi looked down at you face and by the looks of things you was enjoying the pleasure to much. Demi smirked to herself and slowly got off you and bend down to your ear saying
" i'm not a jealous girlfriend, well not over that peace of shit anyways" and walked away from you.

You-" umm Demi? You going to uncuff me or even better carry on what you started"

Demi-" let me think about that mmm... NO! Not to you learn not go around flirting with men to annoy me!" Winks and walks away.

You-" grrr Demi... *no answer* DEMI LOVATO GET YOUR ASS HERE AND UNCUFF ME!!!"

Half hour later-

You wake up from hearing loud banging downstairs, you totally forgot you was cuffed to the bed so you tried jumping up to see what the banging was about, after like few seconds it all went silent and you heard foot steps coming up the stairs, your heart started to race you didn't wanna shout Demi Incase it was her and it was someone who just broke in. You just closed your eyes tight, singing a song in your head to try to forget the sound of your bedroom door opening.


You screamed so loud that the whole world could of heard you, you felt your eyes getting wet, not before long tears hit your cheeks even though you knew it was Demi that just come screamed that into your ear. Demi soon quick to see the tears fall and gets the key outta the draw and undoing you from the bed she slowly moves you up more in the middle so she can get on, you didn't even wanna talk to her after she just pulled that stunt, you just let the tears keep falling you didn't bother stopping them your whole body was shaking, then boom the flashbacks hit you once again......

Sorry I haven't updated in forever, just didn't know where to go next from the last time. But hey ho!

Hope you's enjoy dude faces 😂

I have kinda of an idea what can happen next with Y/N's flashback but I'm not to sure if to take that path....


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