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The rest of the ride was almost dead silent, only the quiet radio and the sound of the other cars near us.

The stranger kept my body hugged into his own, but I didn't mind

I couldn't even remember the last time I got a hug from someone besides Nick.

We pulled into a neighbor that literally everyone associated as the rich neighborhood- I should've known.

We pulled into a driveway, making the man let me go, where the three of us got out.

I rubbed my wrists, still feeling the pain of the cuffs as I followed them into the house.

"We got her, but we need to sue that damn police department" Ashton yelled as we entered the house.

"Sissy!" Nick yelled out, running to me and I instantly grabbed him, picking him up and into a hug.

As I opened my eyes, I immediately saw Luke, standing with his arms crossed, no smile on his face.

"I owe you-" "an explanation" he interrupted me.

I knew I owed him ass tons of money- adoption wasn't cheap, especially for two.

"I want the explanation from the second you were born until the second Ashton got you." He spoke firmly.

"Okay" I spoke, setting down Nick.

"Come play with me while Ashton and Luke go talk to your sister, Nick" one of the two that I didn't know spoke, extending his hand to Nick, who immediately took it.

I followed Ashton and Luke into their kitchen, where we sat at their table, seriousness sketched into their faces.

"I was born, nothing was wrong- everything was great for the first thirteen years of my life" I spoke, looking between the two of them.

"The day before I turned thirteen my mom told me she was pregnant, and she was almost instantly put on bedrest because she was forty-one and at a risk to have children at her age" I spoke.

"But the pregnancy went well- we never had any scares and she pretty much just relaxed, my dad worked and I went to school and home everyday and I did anything she told me to." I mumbled.

"About one month before she was due, something happened- I still don't exactly know, but she started bleeding in the middle of the night and my dad rushed her and I to the hospital, where she was immediately taken into a c-section" I cleared my throat as I spoke quietly.

"She made it through the c-section and so did Nick, but he was premature so he was held in a separate area-" "NICU" Ashton spoke out, making me nod.

"About an hour after I was able to see my mom- she passed away due to a blood clot reaching her heart, she died literally right in front of me, my dad was at the NICU with Nick" I spoke, looking to my hands.

"They tried to get her back- but it was too late, she was gone and my dad was devastated, he immediately called my uncle in to come help him with me, he pushed me away a lot- I still don't exactly know why, but he barely wanted anything to do with me, it was all Nick" I mumbled.

"Nick was gaining strength, everything was great and they were talking about sending him home, and then one day I walk into the bathroom of my brothers room and find my dad dead on the ground, water overflowing from the bathtub" I spoke, feeling the tears that I was steadily pushing away.

"He had drowned himself- I have no idea why." I spoke, looking to them again.

"So my uncle took my brother and I into his custody, he bought us a new house so that I basically didn't have to have a constant reminder that I was in the house my mom and dad used to live in and such, about three years later everything had basically been recovered from, we were fine" I spoke.

"And then, I wake up one morning and my uncle is gone, all of his stuff is gone, no note, no money, no nothing" I mumbled.

"I knew that if I told they would take Nick and I away from each other, and I couldn't let that happen- he's all I have left" I felt my first tear fall.

"He's the only thing left of my mom and dad, I wasn't letting anyone take him away and hurt him, I'd rather die."

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