Chapter 16 (Part 3)

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My heart was racing. Palms were sweating. I couldn't get rid of the look of worry on my face. I tried to look intimidating towards the strange woman standing in front of us, but I still looked terrified.

 I noticed a tingly feeling in my hands. I glanced and saw little blue strings of electricity zapping in them. "This is NOT the time" I thought. Thankfully over the years, I've gotten better at controlling it. The light dimmed down quickly till all you could see was skin. I couldn't deal with those weird outbursts right now, and I couldn't let Five see it or he would find out I've been lying to him about it for years.

Quickly, I glanced at Five, who I could tell was just as terrified as me. He was just better at covering it up. Delores just looked at ease. Well I mean, her face was painted like that.

I tried to focus on my surroundings to make sure no one else was around. The rusted knife I had picked up was shaking from my fear. My whole body was shaking.

"Who the heck are you?" Five shouted, making me jump at the sudden noise. He kept the gun aimed at the stranger.

"I'm hear to help." The woman said. Right off the bat I got a certain vibe from her. I don't know exactly what it was, but I could tell that it wasn't a good vibe though. 

She started walking towards us. I grasped the knife tighter each step she took, her pink heels clicking along the rocks and rubble.

"Tell me why I shouldn't put a bullet through your head right now!" Five yelled in return.

"Because," she stated, taking off her sunglasses and setting her briefcase down on a makeshift table, "if you did, you wouldn't hear the offer I'm about to make you." Five glanced back and forth between her and the through the gun. "Which would be rather tragic given your current circumstances."

Five lowered the gun and slowly walked towards her. I was still weary though, so I kept the knife drawn and walked toward her in baby steps.

"Oh sweetie, I won't bite," she laughed, treating me like a child even though I was in my fifties. Slowly, I lowered the knife until I was holding it at my side. I wasn't going to set it down though. 
"I work for an organization called The Commission." My eyes widened at her words. My heart was racing even faster, but not so much with fear.

"T-The Commission?" I stuttered. The words had caught Five's attention too.

"Oh look she has a voice." The woman replied. Her response caught me off guard but I didn't say anything. "Yes, The Commission. I know you have many questions Number Eight, but we'll talk about those in a second, after I've explained everything else." Five looked at me and nodded, signaling that it was safe. "We are tasked with the preservation of the time-continuum through manipulation and removals."

"I don't understand." Five stated.

"Neither do I." I added.

She paused and thought for a moment. "Sometimes people make choices that alter time." She explained. "Free will, don't get me started. When that happens, we dispatch one of our agents to....eliminate the threat.

Five and I freaked out at the exact same moment. He aimed the gun back at her and I drew the knife, the blue light appearing in my hands again, this time a bit more noticeable.

"No, no, no, no," she laughed holding her hand up in defense, "You misunderstand me. You guys are a target, you're a recruit." Slowly, both of us lowered our weapons, our eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "I've come to offer you a job Number Five and Eight. We've had our eye on you for quite sometime. And we think you guys have a lot of potential." A feeling of hope washed over my body. However, along with the hope, there was a strange feeling of anxiety and suspicion. "More potential than you've realized." She added, looking directly at me. This confused me even more. "Your survival skills have made the both of you quite the celebrities back at headquarters. That and your ability to jump through time ." She spoke looking at Five, then took a long drag from whatever she was smoking. "And of course your abilities to put people to sleep and invisibility. Plus maybe another thing you might have also discovered." A grinned form on her lipstick covered lips.

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