Diana Prince- Photograph (c)

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You certainly weren't one to pry, trusting Diana to be honest with you and if there was anything that she felt the need to keep secret, she would have a good reason for. You appreciated her having the same mentality, knowing that you wouldn't hide anything important and it allowed both of you to have some form of privacy but also a heck of a lot more trust.

Her office was pretty much her place, you never needed to go through her stuff, most of it to do with work, so was honestly not interesting to you. Rarely did you go into her office, especially when she wasn't there. Today was one of the few times you did venture in there without her. The two of you had been in the lounge doing your own things but still sharing the company of the other, when she commented about needing a folder that was in her desk drawer. You volunteered to go and grab it for her, and she was grateful.

You didn't plan to go through her things, just find what you needed for her. You opened the drawer and picked up the pile of folders, looking for the green one that had whatever she wanted in it. As you riffled through the folders, a sheet of something fell out. Slotting the others back into the drawer, you placed the green one on top of her desk before finding what fell out. Picking it up, you found a sepia photograph of Diana along with four men. You didn't know who they were, but she looked happy and that's all you truly cared about.

As you stared at the picture, you didn't hear Diana come into the room, only noticing her presence when she rested a hand upon your shoulder. You almost jumped, feeling terrible for looking through her things but when she offered a fond smile, you didn't feel nearly as bad.

"It fell out, I didn't mean to go through your stuff," you apologised.

She smiled fondly, wrapping an arm around you. "It's okay, I forgot about that photo. It was taken so long ago."

"Who are they?" You questioned.

"My team. Back in the first world war, we worked together to defeat Ares. I think you would have liked them, they were good and noble men," she smiled.

"I forgot how old you were," you joked.

She rolled her eyes at you, pressing her lips to your cheek. "Don't be cruel. I may be old, but I did my best with my time."

"You certainly did," you smiled. "And I'm glad to have you now."

"As am I."


Written by Charlotte.

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