Kara Danvers- Heatwave (c)

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"It's too hot," you whined.

You were sprawled out on the sofa, one leg hung off of it, your arms stretched up above your head and over the arm of the seat. Two fans were plugged in and set on their highest coldness, blasting the air into your face and along your body. Even with all of the windows in the room open, the heat seemed to still be unbearable. All you wanted was a reasonable temperature, even if it was slightly on the warmer side, but the heat was by far unbearable and all you seemed to be able to do was complain about such a thing.

Kara however didn't seem as though she was too bothered by the increased temperature as you imagined she would be. Having spent a cooler moment scrawling through twitter, everyone had the same complaints, but Kara seemed to not want to follow the crowd. She assured you that she did agree that it was warmer than normal, it just didn't affect her how it affected you.

"I know," she smiled softly, knowing how much it was affecting you.

"Make it stop," you complained.

"I can do a lot of things, but I cannot make the sun stop creating heat. It's summer, it tends to get a tad warm."

You let out an awful screech of discomfort, hoping that for a hundredth time your question may have gained a different response however that wasn't the case. If it was anyone else, you imagined she would have snapped at you, having been sick of your constant complaining and repetition but luckily Kara was understanding and did want to help you, sadly she hadn't been sure how she could. She had become so used to helping people even with their smallest qualms, she struggled to see the woman she loved in such discomfort.

"Maybe there is something I could do?" She said softly, uncertain if her idea would work but at this point, you were willing to agree to anything.

"What?" You questioned; excitement laced in your voice. "Anything. Just make the hot less hot."

She rolled her eyes at your words before standing up and making her way over towards the fan that was directed at your face. Kara leaned into the back of it and gently breathed in it. Almost instantly the air cooled significantly and helped you tackle the hot weather.

You let out an almost moan of delight to feel air that was almost icy touching you.

"Ice breath," you moaned. "I don't know why we didn't think of it before."

Kara let out another laugh before continuing to breath into the fan until you felt better.


Written by Charlotte.

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