Epilogue Part 26

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30th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Emma's POV...

We did our own research and found a lot of information on one of their ancestors, Joy Stevenson Thoms. I mean, our ancestors. The daughter of Robert Joifield. 

Both Jen and I practically look like carbon copies of the late grandmother of Jaxon Barnes. Over the years, we did more research and found that some of the Joifields are still living in the States and all share the same traits that me and my sister have. There is not that many of them. But enough to make contact with and find out that they too are going to be there today after coming out over a week ago to spend time with the family.

Daddy's mother and father are not with us here anymore. 

Daddy's mother died in a nursing home after she collapsed when she suffered a breakdown. The whole thing was too much for her. Daddy's father didn't last much longer after that either. Daddy was not the oldest int he family. That title went to the two twins sisters older than him. 

But, from what we heard, they didn't want anything to do with the farm on principle since they did not carry the Barnes or Joifield blood through their veins. Not like it flows through Daddy's. And, through ours.

So, Daddy took the farm on and after the whole stuff up his mother caused along with that stupid loan thing, he managed to get the farm back on it's feet within ten years. But he had help.

Joan was at his side. She is our stepmother. Daddy didn't want to marry anyone after our Mumma. But from what Mumma said, Joan was very persuasive. They have been together faithfully now for many years. Daddy learned his lesson. But it took a while to repay that loan.

Of Lois, her and that man she married, they were found up in north Queensland. A fair bit of the money was recovered. Not all. But it still left a lot to be repaid. Whatever happened to Lois and her son, none of us know and we don't care to know. But from what Mumma said, Knox's team in Australia were keeping tabs on them. But they are out of Daddy's life now.

We pulled up on the end of the row of vehicles that were parked along Memorial Avenue, just off Lynches Road. I can see a lot of people running around chasing kids. Which there were a lot of. They sounded happy and excited as families should. And, this was a big family.

We stopped under the tree down from where all the tables were set up and listened to parents call to their kids. Or they called out to each other. We looked up to where the majority of the older ones were in the family who were seated around a special place I can only vaguely remember visiting when we were little girls with our parents.

Feeling a little nervous, I couldn't help but rub the round mound growing beneath my shirt that I wore loosely to cover the baby bump I was currently having. Then, with Jake holding on to me, I started to make my way with my sister at my side up the incline to meet up with the family we have not seen in over twenty years.

" There he is." I turned to Jen who jerked her head up the hill and to the right. I looked at the ones who were standing around the little garden ahead of us and began to make our way in that direction.

We stopped a few feet away from them all and waited until we were noticed.

" Oh, my word. You look like..." Someone said which had us turning to smile at the woman who looked a little familiar to us. We just smiled before turning to look at the others who all turned to see what the commotion was.

Letting go of Jake's hand, I instead grabbed Jen's and stepped forward.

" Hello, Daddy. We have come for a visit." Daddy hadn't changed much in all these years. Just a few laughter lines along with a fair few silver highlights. But it was Daddy just the same.

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