19. Hot Coffee and Cold Attitude

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Aaron gave my phone for few minutes to check messages and calls I got. Ryan and Carol called me few times in past days and asked about my health and stuff.

I made some excuses that I'd got a new job, so I was just busy and got no time to contact to them.

There were some other unnecessary texts from the places where I had left my resume, explaining their reasons about why they couldn't give me the job. I just glimpsed at them without thoroughly reading and return my phone to Aaron.

When I walked past the kitchen, I heard the intercom was ringing. I looked around and waited for someone to answer it. Few minutes passed, but no one came. It kept on ringing.

Exasperatingly, I went over and picked it up.


"Where were you, Melanie?" Ashar exploded aloud on the phone, made me move the receiver slightly away from my ear.

"I've been trying the intercom since few minutes. Just what you all are doing? Playing around?"

"But, I'm not-"

"Bring coffee with my migraine medicine in the study."


Ashar didn't let me finish and hung up the intercom.

What an attitude!

Hastily, I began searching for Melanie around the area, even asking about her whereabouts from other servants.

I recalled that I didn't see her since morning. May be, she had gone out somewhere.

After about five long minutes, I was now confirmed that she was not in the house right now.

So, what I'm supposed to do now?

Ashar would have been waiting for his coffee. Without wasting any more minutes, I hurried to the kitchen and quickly made espresso. Since I had no idea what type of coffee he liked, so I just thought to make some espresso. It would help him reduce his headache.

I placed some cookies beside espresso which I had baked earlier and intended to walk towards Ashar's study room. I knew Ashar was going to get angry if he looked my face, but I couldn't wait for Melanie's arrival. It would escalate his anger as well.

And, a thought came to my mind that I could use this situation as an opportunity to talk to him and try to convince him that he didn't have to trap me here.

With a shaky hand, I knocked on the door twice. After his approval, I went inside.

The environment of his study room was quite calm and silent. Most of the furniture here were of dark chocolate brown. A small, triangle-shaped, glass table was placed in the middle of the room; pile of files and some stationary was scattered on it.

Ashar was sitting at his office chair, head down, looking at the file folder. His laptop was opened beside the file.

His dark hair were tangled up. The look suited him. The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up, exposing the perfect, toned arms. 

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