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Titus' POV
"Fuck," I roared. The birds flew out of the trees as they shook from my outburst. My vision was blinded by my own fury. My breathing became heavy.

I lost her. I should have been more attentive. I was too busy focusing on protecting her I didn't check up on her.

"Damn it," I yell smashing my fist into a tree. She's gone. I couldn't feel anything through our link. It was silent. No feeling no thoughts no communication.

"What the hell happened. Why are you screaming?" Jacob asks through our link. A low rumble emits from my chest as I go back to our house.

"They took her. She gave herself over to them and I was helpless. I couldn't fucking do anything. The bitch witch is strong," I growl. "I lost her and I don't know what to fucking do."

"Go through her stuff maybe she left clues or something," Brody said butting in the conversation. I go upstairs and see Charlotte holding a sleeping Tala.

"Bring her to Sophia's old room," I order she nods and carefully carries Tala to the room making sure she doesn't wake her up. I tear open the closet looking for places she could leave anything.

I open my beside drawer and it's empty. I go over to Sophia's side. I pull open her drawer and see a pile of envelopes. Each one had a name on it. I see my name and rip it open.

I know you're freaking out and raging but I need you to calm down and focus on what your about to read. I gave myself to them willingly. I can't let you and everyone go through the torture I went. I've been through it but it'll be worse if you went through it because you're not immune to silver and wolfsbane. You need to find me. Go to my old pack and bring your best trackers and warriors. From the edge of the southwest border of Blue Crescent and run 27 miles straight. You'll find a clearing of trees. It'll be bigger than a natural clearing of trees. You won't smell anything but you need to walk through the spell. It's an invisibility spell. When you first cross they'll be no guards at the border but a lot of traps. You need trackers for that. There will be a big building in the middle, the "pack house". There will be 7 entrances around leading underground. I'll be in one of them. You need to bring you wolf forward to find me. Two guards will be guarding my prison. Kill them quickly so they don't have time to link anyone. Be careful as you come down. The witch Delphine will set up traps. There is no bars to my prison. You won't like what you see when you find me but you need to stay calm. If you save me, prepare for war.

Brody and Jacob has come into my room while I was reading my letter. They had found theirs and were reading them. There was one to her family, Tala everyone. Had she been doing this while I was busy.

"We need to get her now," Jacob says. "I've contacted Nikolai, Seth, and Nate."

"We need to leave now," Brody said throwing his letter onto the bed. He looked furious. Brody is an outgoing guy and I haven't seen him this mad ever.

"There better not be a scratch on her when I arrive," I growl as I storm out of our room. Blue Crescent is 40 minutes away in wolf form so we needed to leave now.

I took out my phone and dialed Terry's number. I don't know why I have that bastards number but I need to get permission to enter his pack.

"Do you need anything Alpha Titus?" His annoying voice asked through the phone.

"I need to cross through you pack borders. We won't be much of a hassle," I respond meekly. The three warriors Jacob called came through the front door.

"You're not invited at Blue Crescent," he growls through the phone. I let out a growl at him.

"Well unless you want Sophia to get hurt further I recommend you let us in your pack," I threaten. Brody and Jacob walked out of our room.

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