Took It To Twitter

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I got extremely bored and I had writers block when it came to my other stories so here's a very lame/weird update. Don't take any of this serious, it was a thought and it was out of bored and I did it.
(But I would like comments so 😁)


Zendaya: there's a reason all of Normani's friends refer to her as princess/babygirl. Older or younger 😂
>>chloexhalle: there is a line zendaya 😂😂😂
>>>RyanDestiny: Mani about to come on here and block all of us.
>>>DuckieThot: that's what ******'s do.
>>>TheeStallion: Don't do my baby girl

VictoriaMonét: the girls are coming to twitter to expose Mani ?

              >>>TaylaParx: when she gets on here and blocks everyone <<<<

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>>>TaylaParx: when she gets on here and blocks everyone <<<<

ArianaGrande: @Normani stay in the studio, don't come here, we're outing ya ass
>>>VictoriaMonét: you said don't come here as if she was gone bring her ass to twitter anyways

JustineSkye: Wait, y'all talking about "exposing" Normani as if the whole world didn't already know she was a bottom 💀
>>>loriharvey: oh this what y'all talking about? This ain't shit new lol. Who's out here thinking she's anything but?
>>>Zendaya: her delusional ass fans 😂 out here acting like girlie got a good stroke game and all.
>>>DuckieThot: SCREAMING because sweetie don't even stroke her fingers across the screen to talk to them. Damn stroke game jajsjsjsjsjsks
>>>VictoriaMonét: only thing she stroke is her pen and the air when S*an be having her ass doing those same moves every performance
>>>ArianaGrande: VICTORIA
         >>>Zendaya: PLEASE-
        >>>ChloexHalle: the BLOCK button is coming our waayy
>>>TaylaParx: fun is over she took it too far
>>>VictoriaMonét: I said what I said

KaliUchis: knew Normani was a bottom after she moaned and said "do it again" when I slapped her ass that one time she was white girl wasted
>>>Zendaya: BITCH- why she do this same thing drunk or sober

NickiMinaj: umm Ari, Z and the crew need to leave me baby alone. Let her be a bottom in peace 🤦🏾‍♀️
>>> TheeStallion: didn't you rt all of the tweets and text me " out of all of y'all, I would strap mani because she's the epitome of a bottom bitch ... Alexa play bottom bitch by Doja cat"
>>>ArianaGrande: Oop-
        >>>VictoriaMonét: mkay but did she LIE?
>>>NickiMinaj: @theestallion never telling you a damn thing ever again

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