Chapter 21 - Angel

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Ruth felt her tears sting and she pressed her lips together. Raising her gaze to the mirror, she ignored the maid setting a crown on her head but instead focused on her teary eyes. The feeling of two soft hands on her arms made her stand up. One maid opened the bedroom door and Ruth walked out with two following her behind. They were joined by four armed men who escorted them down stairs.

They met Hendricks at the bottom and he led them to the brightly lit ballroom. Ruth's stomach churned at the sound of moans and groans. She froze in her steps in shock at the sight of the crowd of men and women having sex with each other. Ruth turned her gaze away from a woman who was getting humped by a dog while giving a man a blow job. When she spotted two men going at it so loudly, she chose to keep her eyes closed.

She walked passed women rubbing their breasts against each other while two others fondled with their plump asses. A goat screamed and Ruth was too afraid to even allow herself to open her eyes and see what was being done to it. The stench of lust and sin was so suffocating that Ruth couldn't believe it.

Asmodues stood on the stage with a proud smug. Behind him were two priests and a table with lit red candles. He held onto his jacket and chuckled at Ruth's reaction. His henchmen standing guard joined him laughing.

Ruth couldn't stand the sound of the sexual moans. They kept her mind so preoccupied that she missed a step and fell back screaming. A hand grabbed her in the nick of time and she forced her eyes open only to regret.

"Why must you always be so careless?" Asmodues asked her and pulled her up. He twirled her around and hugged her from behind. Forcefully clutching her jaw in place, he made her to look at the orgy. "Isn't it beautiful?" he snickered.

"Let go of me." Ruth grunted in annoyance.

"How can you honestly be appalled by such beauty?" Asmodues pointed to a dark skinned old man and biracial middle aged woman kissing while grinding each other aggressively. "Those two are father and daughter."

"You sick fuck." Ruth spat and received a hefty laugh.

"Oh yes, you can say that. After all, I am the demon of lust. Incest, fornication, adultery, bestiality and everything lustful is welcome in my presence."

Asmodues turned her around and she unwillingly set her hands on his shoulders. He crushed his lips against hers as she helplessly tried to push him away. Asmodues forced Ruth on the table and pinned her down. Ruth screamed as she tried to sit up but she was forced back down. A curtain was dropped and the moon eclipse was revealed. Only a small part of the moon hadn't yet been covered.

"Now you and I will become one under the lunar power." he spread her legs apart.

"No," Ruth cried.

"Impossible, this is the last of the rituals to be done. You starved for a week, I slept with you after laying with a woman on her menstruation and you ate human meat and drank blood. Remember the fellow who owns this body? Well, he was chosen because he killed his unborn child with his bare hands. All this was for my greatest body possession ritual. A body that will enable me to walk the face of this earth in both night and day!" Asmodues leaned closer, "The only thing left now is to cum inside of you at the embrace of the eclipse."

Asmodues stroked Ruth's hair and she moved her head disgusted. "Get away from me!" she screamed in tears.

"Our marriage ceremony will be over soon." Asmodues spread her legs apart and forced his hand on her neck. "You just hold still."

The door suddenly burst open. Everyone paused and shifted their eyes to the doorway. Asmodues loosened his hold on Ruth and straightened his back annoyed. His henchmen guarding the ballroom took out their guns and aimed them at the door. Asmodues blinked at the sound of boots hitting the wooden floor.

"Who dares?!" he roared.

"That would be me." Matt appeared by the door and eyeballed Asmodues.

Ruth gasped at the sound of his voice and lifted her head to see. Her tears of joy poured out profusely at her love. Matt caught sight of her and widened his eyes in disbelief. They kept their loving eyes locked as Fernanda, Alejandro, Stephanie and Adrianna found their way beside Matt. Asmodues scowled at Matt but when his eyes met Fernanda's, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.

"Matt!" Ruth screamed with so much emotion.

"Babe!" Matt responded back with the same intensity.

Hendricks snuck behind the team and hit Fernanda at the back of her head with a baseball bat. Stephanie shouted at her bloody unconscious state on the floor. The henchmen opened fire at the team and they took cover. Asmodues pulled Ruth off the table and dashed out while the bullets rained from both sides.

Matt peeped and saw Asmodues pull down a painting. A secret door was revealed and he forced Ruth in before closing it behind them. Matt lost his mind and charged across the ballroom shooting the naked people running around screaming.

He plunged a dagger into the skull of a shooter and shot another one to his right. Matt kicked one more in the chest and finished him off with a hole in his head. He kicked the door down and stepped into a dark tunnel with no sight of Ruth.



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