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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

"Where's Hanna?" Juliette asked coming by my locker. "And Alexander?"

I never understood why she loved calling him by his full name when she could just say Alex.

"They skipped school to go on a morning date." I grumbled pulling out my Calculus book.

I heard her snicker beside me. She had been one of the students from the foreign exchange program few months ago. Surprisingly, she had chosen to be my friend instead of going over to the popular group. Which was clearly not believable since she had those looks.

"Why do you sound so angry about that?" She asked, twirling her blond hair around her finger.

"Because, he refused to take me along." I gave her a look. "Come on, Jules, who does that?"

She snickered some more.

"I would've done that too if I were going out with my boyfriend." She clearly forgot to mention how she didn't have one. "Talking about boys, are you coming to Brian's party tonight?"

Brian was one of those guys who invited the whole school to his parties. Even nerds.

"Do I have to?"

"Noah's gonna be there."

"Why am I supposed to go there only to see you making out with a guy?"

She rolled her eyes despite the smile on her face. "You can take Caden along. Like come on girl, you two are like the fire couple of the century. We all need some hot-"

"Don't say more, Jules. I prefer less stares."

"Seriously? All I've heard since I came to this school was how you changed that guy! Do you know what the cheerleaders say? That he never dated a girl before. And now he's dating you!" She gushed. "Not just that, when he looks at you. Oh my God, I cannot breathe when he looks at you."

The only person more dramatic than me, was her. Maybe that's why we became great friends.

"Your relationship are goals." She whispered before straightening up as the bell rang. "I'll catch up with you later."

And then she was off to her class. I had my Calculus class right now. And I, as always, wanted to sleep. I could clearly make out the people filing out of the hallway as I leaned my forehead on my locker.

I knew how the vice principal loved taking rounds in the hallways. She'd clearly be pissed if she saw me not moving ahead to my class.

I closed my eyes shut. These days it was clearly hard not falling asleep. The finals were coming up. And I was stressed out.

Suddenly, I felt an arm snake around my waist. Surprisingly, I didn't pull away. I knew clearly well who it was.

"You better not make a remark about my sleep." I muttered, my eyes still closed. He pulled me against his chest with a light chuckle. We could clearly get caught. Such intimate touching was strictly prohibited in hallways. Especially when you should be at class.

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