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  "Pft" Kayden let out a snort "Do I look?" She said and he just glared at her. "I am Kayden, Orcus's grandaughter." She said and Hades stood up glaring at her.

   "Impossible. Reveal who you are now." He shouted and Kayden rolled her eyes.

   "Oh you're one of those." She said and he looked taken back "The type who can't believe a hellhound reproduced when you were the one who stuck your dick inside her. A bit of bestiality if you ask me." She said sassily "THEN, you betrayed her, leaving the woman pregnant with a man who swears up and down he's my uncle not father and that its his brother but I have a hard time believing that." She said walking back and forth "and at this moment my brother is currently in the woods eating a deer because he is in his wolf form so for fucksake." She slammed her hands down on the table "LETS CUT THIS PART AND GO TO THE PART WHERE YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS." She shouted her hair lighting on fire. "I simply don't have the patience." She scowled and Hades looked extremely shocked.

   "You are definitely a reproduce of Orcus." He whispered smiling a bit "I heard you the moment you went off on Persephone, had to be sure." He said standing up. "People are still out to kill me. Like your grandmother." He said looking at her suspiciously and Kayden sighed.

   "Trust me, I won't try to kill you." She mumbled and he raised a brow.

   "Your hound teeth are showing." He said to her and she covered her mouth sighing.

   "Thats because I am part of a hound. A hound who still wants to push you in the pool of souls because someone decided to turn her mortal." She said moving her hand away as she tried to hold back her hound. "I've been trying to control my shifting but no promises if I growl. Can't control that." She said to him.

   "Nobody can." Hades shook his head. "She was always independent." He smiled sitting on the desk. "My favorite."

   "Then why did you turn her mortal?" She asked

  "It was half mortal." Hades looked at Kayden. "And I had to. You didn't understand." He whispered "It hurt to betray her. It hurt to abandon her. The hell you think I keep Persephone here?" He asked and Kayden frowned listening "Look, your grandmother was only loyal to me. Stayed only by my side and did all the dirty work. God I loved when she brought me souls everyday. She was ruthless." He smiled "Just the way I taught her." He said looking at Kayden.

   "But the day her idiot of brother decided to try and over throw the gods I knew she didnt want them to die. She was with them since they were little pups." He frowned "So I gave her that potion to turn them. The gods couldn't find them if they were half humans. To many demigods." He said and Kayden shifted a bit. "But I already knew the punishment they'd give Orcus for doing that would be brutal. To brutal and they wouldnt allow me to give her the punishment." He whispered frowning "I couldn't..." He teared up.

   "How bad would it have been?" Kayden asked softly and Hades looked at her before sighing.

   "I wasn't the only one who loved Orcus the way I did. The other gods did too. And when Hermes warned me of the punishment they'd give her I knew-"

   "What was it?!" She asked tearing up and he frowned gripping the desk.

   "Rape her." He whispered "break her innocence and turn into a greater monster than she ever was. And that was just the gods. The goddesses would've been jealous and possibly leave her to the crows to bleed and die." He mumbled and Kaydens heart dropped as the hound growled.

   "Why would they be so-"

   "Now you see why I did it. She didn't deserve that, she just wanted to protect her brothers. The gods were angry and tried to torture the truth of her whereabouts but-"

   "But you didn't know." Kayden whispered "You closed off all contact with her." She frowned as she noticed all of the burns and scars on Hades body. "I knew there was a bigger story."

    "I loved Orcus. I knew I could never be with her again. It was a sacrifice I had to make." He said and Kayden teared up "And you look so much like your grandmother." He grabbed a picture and handed it to her. Orcus stood next to Hades, her expression was cold but she looked exactly like Kayden. It was like a play video. She stood there but looked up at Hades and leaned in closer causing Hades to smile. Kayden smiled a bit at the picture.

  "Wow. She looked... Cold hearted." She said and Hades chuckled.

   "Oh she was a big softy at heart I promise." He smiled at her "not a day that goes by that I just don't think of her."

   "She still lives on." Kayden said "Through me." She whispered and Hades looked at her with hopeful in his eyes. "Maybe she should hear the truth from you."

   "She heard." Hades whispered and hugged Kayden then pulled away from her. Kayden looked at him before closing her eyes and letting the hell hound take over.

  When her eyes opened it was red but her smell was heightened. "Hades." The voice whispered holding Hades cheek. "You did so... So much and I hated you for so long."

   "My orcus I'm sorry." He whispered and she hugged him tightly. "Its still not safe, gods tend to hold grudges."

  "So does hell hounds." Orcus whispered. "I am not a toy." She glared and he smiled at her.

   "I know." He whispered and kissed her head. "But it is not safe yet for you." He whispered "I will bring olympus down for you. And your grandchild has a life of her own. She shouldnt feel traumatized by that." He said and Orcus nodded leaning up into him.

   "I miss you dearly." She whispered and Hades frowned with tears. "Don't forget me." She stepped back and he crossed his arms.

   "How could I?" He asked and Orcus sniffled crying. "At least now we get a proper goodbye." He said to her. "You know I'll have to close the entrance from the book Kayden has came through."

  "For her protection, I know. Thank you." Orcus nodded before looking up snapping her fingers exiting the book as it closed behind her.

  Kayden was once back and she felt her heart crushed for Orcus. She wiped her tears grabbing the book and going back to her room seeing the other two hounds complaining about smoking too much of the blunt. She rolled her eyes. "Can you guys go for a second." She asked and the two boys shrugged and disappeared. Kayden opened up the book that once was blank, now had words. Like a regular book. She felt like she couldn't even remember what happened. So, why was she crying?

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