chapter 22 - that heart is so cold

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"Well.. he's a cute one! Keep him around.. bye Niall! And Harry!" Captain hook says and wow.. he knows who I am.

"Where to now?!" Niall laughs before crouching in front of me and I jump on his back. Earning little smiles from people but a few looks of disgust but more smiles than anything.

It feels nice.


"Oh my god.. I'm sooooooo tired!" Niall whines as he pulls me up the stairs, I'm on his back with my head rested in his neck, breathing in his scent, today has been sooooo fun. He said tomorrow he's gonna take me to the water park! Wooo, but right now.. I'm so tired too.

"Same Niall.. Same," he opens the door to our room and practically throws me on the bed after shutting it behind him.

He falls next to me and his eyes are shut.

"Does your bum still hurt?" I shake my head as he continues to stare at me and smile.

"What," No reply. He's just smiling at me lazily and it's really cute.

"What Niall! Stop staring and fucking kiss me bitch!" He laughs his beautiful laugh before leaning over me and pressing his lips to mine with a smile.

I have to smile too.. so it's just our teeth clashing together to be honest but it's nice. He's nice.. Like I would.

He pulls away with a little smack noise and it makes me laugh.

"I love you," he says and rests his forehead against mine, his pupils fully blown out from love, it's really quite beautiful.

"I love you too," his blue eyes look everywhere before landing on my lips and slowly leaning down connecting them and moving slowly against mine.

As he hovers above me, kissing me softly, his hand moves up to mine linking our fingers and his other hand staying pressing on my hip and gently caressing the skin there.

His lips are soft and warm as he deepens the kiss.

His tongue slips in to my mouth and gently massages the roof, before it grazes over mine, I push my tongue against his before he wraps his tongue around mine. Damn. How did he do that? Who cares it felt good.

He pulls away from me with a smirk and I'm honestly flabbergasted.

"H-how did you do that?" I ask and he raises his eyebrows quickly.

"It's a secret! But it's good in it," he rolls back off me and scratches his stomach.

"Do it again!" I beg and he shakes his head.

"It's a one time thing," he says and I pout. He does a double take looking at me before stopping and pressing a light kiss to my pout.

"Don't pout love.. I dont care how cute you look.. never with that happen again.. but for you, there might be a few exceptions..." He smirks and I know what he wants.

"What..." I drag it out and watch his smirk grow as he bites his lip sexily.

"Blow me," he says clearly and I'm on top of the boy before he can say anything else with my tongue down his throat.


"You just get better and better at that," Niall breathes out after his, not being vain or anything, but exceptional blow job.

"You're welcome Nialler.. you don't know what I got," I say and he breathlessly laughs.

"That was like.. really good, I'm still seeing stars!"

"Now you gotta kiss me again," I throw back at him and he reaches his arms out for me pulling me on to him as he begins to kiss me again. Then does the thing.

The thing.

His tongue wraps around mine and I've never felt anything so damn good.. through kissing someone.

'Seriously how do you do that?"

"Just wrap my tongue round yours," he says and I peck his lips.

"Really? There's more to it than that," I suggest to get out a secret but he shakes his head.

"Try it.. honestly," he says before I press our lips together and do exactly what he's just said.. I wrap my tongue around his and he lets out one of the sexiest groans I've possible ever heard.

Someone seriously get me a recording device.

"See.." he says and smiles then yawns.

"Oh. That easy! Wow.. I'm so tired.. lets sleep!" I stay on his chest and he effortlessly picks me up and sits me down on the bed as he strips off his clothes. I'm too sleepy to even watch.

Eventually I feel his fingers lifts up my shirt and then he picks me up lying me down and lifts my hips pulling off my bottoms as I yawn.

"You're really tired aren't you?" I nod with a yawn again and he chuckles lightly as he sits me back up, I rub my eyes then I feel a soft warm fabric being pulled over my head.

I open my eyes to see it's Niall's jumper. He knows how much I love to sleep in his clothes. I'm not really a just-boxer-sleeping kinda person

I wrap my arms and legs round my boyfriend as he untucks the bed and places me in it.

"No! Cuddle me," I complain as he goes and makes sure the door to our room is locked.

"I'm coming now!" He hurries and I smile as he climbs into bed pulling me on to his chest, and that's my home.

"You feel so cuddle in my clothes! I'll never understand why you enjoy wearing them so much," I am almost asleep honestly. I just.. could fall asleep listening to him talking.

"Keep talking.. I like your accent," I can feel his smile as I shuffle against him a little to get comfy and then once I'm ready, I feel a soft kiss on my forehead.

"What about?"


"Ok.. I'll talk about.. how much I love you," he says quietly, but loud enough for me to hear and gently drift off to sleep.

"I love you because of how much you love me, and your amazing hair, and smile and every time I tell you I love you, I really mean it.. I didn't think I could even love someone as much as I actually do love you, you're something very special to me Harry.. and I love that, so I have more of that song I wrote for you..

The chorus..

I won't let these little things slip, out of my mouth, but if I do, it's you, oh it's you they add up to.. I'm in love with you, and all your little things," he sings to me and I love his voice. And everything he's just said.. makes me wanna cry.

"I love you too.. more than you'll ever know.. night Niall."

"Night baby," he whispered and we both fall asleep so quickly. We've had a very busy day and tomorrow.. it'll be the same!

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