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Lila loved silence

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Lila loved silence.

Ever since she was a child, it had been there to comfort her through troubled times like a good friend. It gave her time to rethink, recharge and gather herself after relentless action.

But nowadays, she loved it for different reasons.

She slowly poured ice water from a pitcher into her glass as MI0 agents in the boardroom avoided eye contact and rustled their papers, waiting for her response.

At last, she spoke, her facial expression impossible to read. "Mr Barnes, how many people have watched the video?"

A thin man sweating buckets flinched when hearing his name. The flinch was barely noticeable, but Lila still spotted it. "We quickly took the video off youtube twenty minutes after its upload but that was still long enough for it to be downloaded, duplicated and spread—"

"That was not the answer to my question."

Mr Barnes cleared his throat. "Approximately, 200,000."

Lila swore loudly.

"We have sent a D5 notice to newsrooms." A round-faced, large man said. "They should comply, but..."

Lila gritted her teeth so much it hurt. "But?"

"The video is trending on twitter."

Lila stood up from her plush chair, stormed away from the oblong conference table and—


A window with a view of London's city landscape now had a hole in it. Shards of glass protruded from Lila's right hand. Blood dropped off her fist, staining the carpet.

"Continue monitoring gang activity, and I want files on my desk on every criminal in Croydon. As soon as Mr Walker recovers, he will show up. Are the weapon designs I sent plausible?"

A copper-skinned woman nodded. "Yes, very doable. They're in production now."

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

A sharp pain pulsated Lila's hand, yet she merely smirked. It had been a long time since she'd lashed out like this. Mr Walker was bringing the worst out of her. 

They had reached a stalemate, but Lila had the long-term advantage. The demon would show up again.

And she would be waiting.

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