Chapter 20

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Zander POV

I was sitting down talking to Charlotte when I heard the most terrified scream ever and the first thing which came to my mind was Faith.

I immediately got up and ran to her and saw some creepy dude grabbing my babygirl arm. Charlottle ran and took Olivia first.

I immediately pushed that creepy dude to the ground and carry Faith as she was shaking in my arms hugging my neck tightly.

A sight I havent seen of her in a long time. My heart broke into milion peices seeing that. I feel like beating the shit out of this dude. I rubbed her back.

"Shhhh daddy here. Calm down daddy got you"

I said softly trying to calm her down which was not happening. I passed her to Charlottle. Charlotte went to the car with Olivia and Faith in her arms while I stayed there to see what the fuck does this guy want.

That creepy dude stands up. Then he says

"Oh so ur that new daddy of hers"

He said in a mocking tone. The it hit me.

"Your that fucking son of a bitch who destroyed a poor girl life!"

I said in anger. That time I just felt like killing him right there. I just felt like taking my gun and shooting him right in the head.

"I didn't destroy her life I gave her for what she deserved for kiling my wife."

Is he fucking dumb?

"Are you an idiot? Were you born in a diffrent world or something? Or your parents didn't teach you? She is just a child! She is 4. What harm could she give to ur wife!"

"If she wasnt born my wife would have been alive right now!"

I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"I would have slapped you and fucking killed you but the court says I wasnt suppose to touch you. So here I am talking to a dumb fuck"

He rolled his eyes. I got so mad and I couldn't touch him so I just said

"Keep rolling your eyes maybe you will find a brain back there!"

He glared then smirked. I was confused with his ugly ass smirk for god sake Nick smirk was way better than his one.

"You should be ashamed of your own mother..."

How did he know my mother?

"What are you- wait for are you talking about?"

He shaked his head.

"Poor thing..Dont even know what his mother did to her own son."

I was getting angier.

"Spit it out jason! Before i actually kill you."

He scoffed

"Your mother was the one. Who let me out of jail. I was suppose to be in jail for 10 years. But she let me out. And im thankful. She gave me one condition that i had to get custody on Faith and after that I most probaly kill that child"

So many things were going through my mind at that time. All i wanted to do was get Faith and me to get out of this hell hole. I was speechless.

"Just fucking get lost...and just know ur never touching Faith EVER AGAIN!"

And he left. I started walking back to the car feeling very angry all I needed right now was Faith in my arms. I got to the car and took a shaking and crying Faith in my arms. Charlotte was looking at me as Olivia was on her lap.

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