Chapter 37: Judgment Day

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(On the way to Planeptune)

Purple Heart was holding Midoriya while she was flying. Purple Heart and Midoriya knew something wasn't right. The sky changed to a dark purple. Midoriya caught the continent in his point of view.

Midoriya: Neptune, look!
He said making her look up ahead of her.

Purple Heart: Oh no.
She said as he told her.

Midoriya: It looks like a floating continent to me.

Purple Heart: Midoriya, I need to drop you off to the basilicom! You'll be safe there! She said.

Midoriya: Wait, Why?!
He asked.

Purple Heart: This is something more than dangerous!

Midoriya: I can handle it!

Purple Heart: You can't!
She said feeling worried for the boy. She made it at the basilicom with him. She dropped him off in a grassy area that was close a bit to the continent levitating.

Purple Heart: I'll be back!
She said flying off.

Midoriya: Neptune, wait!
He said but she didn't stop. He just standed there watching her go towards the floating continent. The continent was big too.

Midoriya (mind): I can see the continent fully now. And there's debris floating around it. If the others get here and help Neptune out and they feel weak a bit, I can use the debris as an advantage! But someone is controlling the continent. He thought while examining the areas of the continent.

Rei hmph to herself.

Purple Heart flew up to the continent.

Purple Heart: That looks bad.
She said to herself.

The people in the basilicom got more than worried. Nepgear was feeling a bit worried.

Abnes: Hey snap out of it, you unlittle goddess! There's innocent children trapped up there who need your help! She said pointing at the kids that were trapped in the Ferris wheel. The kids had panicked in fear.

Abnes: Get your half and old butt up there and save them!
She said.

Nepgear: Uh! Right!
She said. She put on a serious face as she transformed.

Purple Heart was away from a good distance from the continent. What she saw in front of her, was her.

Rei Ryghts: How lovely. It's a welcoming party from Planeptune's goddess herself! She said.

Purple Heart: I see. You're Rei Ryghts aren't you?
She asked.

Rei Ryghts: Ehh. I'm really not a fan of that name you know?
She said.

Purple Heart: Huh?
She got confused.

Rei Ryghts: It's so lameee! I need something more goddessy to like strike there and people's hearts, if you know what I'm saying. She said.

Purple Heart readied herself.

Purple Heart: So you're a CPU then? A new one?
She wondered.

Rei Ryghts: Whattt? I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear that one! Listen sister, I'm old school. I came a long way before you.
She pointed at her with rudeness.

Purple Heart gasped a bit.

Rei Ryghts: I'm the goddess of Tari. CPU of the country that unified this land! So bow down. She concluded while letting out maniacally laugh as two lighting strikes was by her.

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