Chapter 1 - The begining

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I walked outside of my house. The fall leaves blew around like a fiery vortex. With each step, the leaves crinkled and crackled under my feet. The sweet wind blew through my long hair. Today was a beautiful day. My light brown hair flowed behind me as I near the mailbox. The wind continued to blow as the sun began to set. My gaze locked on the horizon, beautiful hues of reds, oranges, yellows and slight purple streaking the sky.

I stopped at the box and opened it. My hand jumbled through the papers as I attempt to grab them all. Finally, I pulled my hand out with the letters and closed the box. The sun dropped lower and lower every second. Shuffling through the papers, I carried myself up the walk way. Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma, Kohaku. I read. Shocked, my feet stop, glued to the ground.  I never get letters. Flipping it over, it read, ‘Shino Academy’. My feet started to move, very quickly. Rushing, I opened the door and threw the other mail on the table. I sat down on one of the chairs and ripped open the envelope. It read:

Congratulations Kohaku Usagi. You have passed the entrance exam into Shino Academy for Shinigami. Classes include training in Kido, Hoho, Zanjustu, and Hakuda and history of the Gotei 13. Off campus activities like visits to the real world and hollow hunts will be held with seated officers of the Gotei 13.

Classes begin September 20. Below are provided for you: Standard bedroom with a standard bed and bathroom, Shino Academy uniforms, Asauchi, daily meals, books for lessons, and personal box for letters and mail. Bedding, toiletries, and casual clothing are not provided.

Your schedule will be given to you when you check in. Remember that not everyone will be the same age in you class.

Bullying, cheating, and unpermitted fights will not be tolerated. Punishments will be given out according to the gravity of the situation.

Welcome to the school,

Board of Education


My eyes widened. I jumped off of the chair, squealing in happiness. Grandma Sasaki walked into the room and raised her brow in confusion. She sat down on a chair and read the letter. Still squealing and dancing around the room, my toe slammed against the post of a table. I instantly crouch and grab my toe, whimpering.

“Oh Kohaku, are you alright?” Grandma Sasaki asked kneeling down to sit next to me.

“I did it grandma. I passed the exam. Now I won’t be dangerous anymore.” I said, completely forgetting about the throbbing pain in my toe.

“Oh you were never a danger to us. But congratulations Haku.” She said as she gave me a hug. “I’m so proud of you. Now you should get ready. You only have two days until you leave.”

I nodded my head and ran into my room. Looking through my closet, I pulled out my sack and throw it on my bed, clothes tumbling over me. Laying on the ground, I stare at the ceiling. Should I leave? Will Grandma and Mai be safer without me here?

I looked at the clock. 8:38. It got late fast as the chilly night air drifted into my open window. Standing up, I made my way into the moon light. The moon looked so peaceful and wise. I wanted to be like the moon. So strong and beautiful, lighting the dark sky. Guiding the way for those who need the light to see. Pulling others towards me, making unbreakable bonds. Sometimes being extreme and dark so no one can see me and being light and letting others feel my warmth. Sadly, I’m not like the moon.

Before I knew it, I fell asleep, snuggling into my covers. The night was cold and the night dark. I began dreaming. Remembering why I wanted to become a soul reaper.

Flash back



It was an ordinary morning, we sat in the living room eating our food. One minute I was laughing, the next I’m cautious. I stopped eating and stared forward out of the window. In the shadows, was a monster, hiding and staring right back at me.

“Something wrong?” Grandma Sasaki asked, noticing my scared look.

“Grandma, we need to go.” She gave me a confused look. “There is something outside. Go to the basement with Mai. Lock the door and don’t come out until I say.”

She nodded and hurried down the stairs to the basement. I stood up and grabbed the nearest thing to me. A baseball bat. Slowly I inch my way towards the door. I turned the nob and ran outside.

“Reveal yourself. Who are you and what do you want?” I demand.

The leaves crackled outside as a shadow appeared. My eyes widen at the sight. It was huge and gross. It sprinted towards me. I swung the bat as hard as I could. Crack! I look at the monster. It’s mask was barely cracked. I looked down at the bat. It was snapped into two barely hanging onto the handle. The monster grabbed me and threw me into a tree. I felt a snap and began to cough blood. Once again, it charged at me. I crunch into a ball, tensing all around. The attack never came. I opened my eyes to see the monster unmoving, and the dirt and sand around me floating. I screamed and the sand fell. The monster shook it’s head and focused back on me. I got up and ran, the monster hot on my tail.

“Bakudo Number Sixty Three, Sajo Sabaku.”

The monster fell. It’s limbs were tightly tied around the body. Out of nowhere, an old looking man jumped down and sliced the monster in half. Traumatized at the sight, I stood, motionless. The man sheathed his sword and walked towards me. I couldn’t move.

“Sit down child.” I sat down.

A glowing came from his hand. Instantly I felt better. Curiosity got the better of me.

“Who are you?” I blurted out, slapping a hand over my mouth. “Please forgive me sir.”

“It’s alright. My name is Ginrei Kuchiki. I am a captain at the Gotei 13.” My eyes widened. My mouth hung open. “I came here because I felt a large spiritual force. After killing this hollow, I still feel that pressure.” He smiled.

I turned my head in confusion. “You are a powerful child. That’s why this monster attacked you. It wanted your energy.”

I gasped. “So I brought that thing here?”

He nodded. “You have an amazing power, but you need to train it. Your energy was raging. The monsters are attracted to that. I suggest you become a soul reaper. You will learn how to control your power. How to defend those who need it.”

I stared at him. “Let’s get you home.”

We stood up in silence and began to walk.

“Forgive me, but how do I become a soul reaper?” I asked, looking at the ground.

“Apply for Shino Academy. With your power, you should be able to make it in.” He replied.

We reached my house. “Thank you sir.” I bow.

He smiled. “Thank me by becoming a soul reaper. We could use good people like you.”

With that he walked away. I ran into the house and banged on the door. “You can come out now. It’s safe”

The door opened to reveal my grandma who was crying. She engulfed me in a massive hug. “I heard your screams, I thought you were dead.”

“I won’t be dying any time soon.”


A/N So this is the first official chapter. Leave some feedback so i can improve on my writings. This story is basicly Kohaku's life. so far this is just the past. it will advance into where she will meet ichigo and help him stop aizen. thanks for your support!

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