A Night Out

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Emilia's outfit and makeup^^

Chapter 7 is here and personally I feel like it's much longer than any of the previous chapters.

All I can say is just writing this made me exhausted and I wasn't even there, enjoy!

Chapter 7

Emilia's Perspective

"Are you sure I can't just cancel and stay in with you?!?" I reply feeling extremely tired out from the long first day we had.

"No. I said I would help you so get up off your bed and show me some outfit choices," she says while pulling open our closet of items.

"Fine. I didn't bring anything too fancy but what do you think dress or sweater with some jeans." I hold up two of my best pieces already knowing Jenifer is not going to approve of them for this kind of occasion.

The dress I have is a yellow color with floral print and falls down to my ankles, while my other option is jean pants and a plain gray sweater.

"Emilia?! Really this is the best you could bring? I mean the dress isn't bad but you're not going out to church with the guy." She looks at me trying to debate what to do. "And I can't have you wearing just regular old jeans and a sweater you'll look unenthused."

She strides over to the closet again beginning to go through everything one by one, leaving a messy pile on our carpet for me to clean up.

"No, no, no, not that color, that's a bra, c'mon there's got to be something we can work with."

"Ahah, found it! Yup this will work, Emilia it's a good thing I came." She smiles as she throws the white lace flowy dress at me.

"Won't I freeze out there?" I say noting how the dress is on the shorter side.

"Ever heard of a jacket? Here, you can borrow my black leather one, but I expect that back in the morning." Jenifer then crawls over to her trunk and begins searching again. "Now where did I put those boots at?"

"Here," she throws me her black boots knowing we're the same size. Another perk is that we love sharing shoes.

I complete my look with a bronzy eye and a more natural look when it comes to my makeup. My hair I leave down and just add some beach waves to my layers. Before I know it I'm heading to the main entrance with Jenifer, my palms begin to sweat, I get the chills because of how empty and quiet the main building can get at night. I shouldn't be nervous though, it's a few drinks with this nice boy who helped me out of a garbage can.

"Alright, well I'll leave you here. Remember if you need anything call me! And don't forget anything, I know how it can be after you've had a few drinks—"

"Jenifer!" I laugh "I'll be fine, remember this is new confident Emilia she can handle anything." She gives me a hug and tightly squeezes me.

"Oh good you smell nice, I put some condoms in your—"

"Jenifer! I'm NOT sleeping with him after the first date!" I quickly grab my purse and unzip it noticing that she in fact packed a handful of condoms.

"Here take these you psychopath," I laugh handing the condoms back to her.

"Now I've really got to go, love you!" I give her a fist bump while skipping down the stair towards the doors.

"Love you tooooooo!" I hear her sing from the top of the stairs.


As soon as I looked up from heading out the front doors, there he was leaning against a small black Porsche sports car. He looks up from his phone and bites his lip while looking me up and down, I wish he would stop that it's quite intimidating.

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