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maggie and i were cuddled up together on the couch watching the nightmare before christmas when vicki walked into the living room.

"hey vic, let me formally introduce you to my girlfriend maggie" i smile and she reaches to shake maggie's hand

"hey maggie, i'm victoria, so sorry we got off on the wrong foot" she laughs and i can tell maggie was fake smiling by the lack of emotion she had

"nice to meet you" she says dully and vicki sits on the opposite couch

"you guys want something to drink ?" i ask and they both nod "ill get a 6 pack of soda from the pantry, you two, get comfortable" i point to the both of them



brandon left to get drinks, leaving me and maggie alone in the living room.

"i'll be right back" she smiles before walking away

i sat there in silence when i heard her phone go off.

being nosey, i looked over at who it was from and it was from a 'carter <3'

i turned my head more to read the message that said 'i love and miss you more baby, i'll be back in la in a few hours and when i get back, we're def fucking ;)'.

i shook my head at the message, i already knew if brandon found out himself he would be heartbroken.


"i'll come back soon, bye babe" maggie pecks brandon on his cheek before walking it of the door claiming she had to meet with her 'manager'

"brandon, i have to tell you something" i call him over

"yeah ?"

"i think your girlfriends cheating on you, i saw some text on her phone that was real real sus" i nod and he looks at me curiously

"what'd it say ?" she asks

"someone named carter told her they were gonna fuck when he gets to la in a few hours and said he loved and missed her"

he made a couple of different expressions before looking away from me, obviously embarrassed and confused.

"you sure that's what i said ?" he asks lowly

"i'm positive"




"yeah babe ?" she answers

"are you cheating on me ?" i ask normally trying not to come off too mad in attempt to get her to tell the truth

"no of course not" she laughs

"maggie, you can tell me the truth" "are you seeing carter again"

"how'd you know it was carter ?" she asks

"so you are ?"

"how'd you know it was carter brandon" she groans

"first of all, you better pop lock and drop that attitude before you see your nudes on the shaderoom" i snap "second, you can go be with carter anyways, that dude is a off brand verizon of me either way, BITCH !" i yell at the end and hang up

a/n- i-i'm going to jail for this 😖☝🏼

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