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"vic ?" i knock on austin's door which was where she was

"zion ima shoot you if you don't leave me alone" she threatens

"it's brandon, can i come in ?" i ask and she opens the door slightly

i walk in to see her sitting on the floor, her cheeks stained with tears and her eyes still red.

"what's wrong ?"

"i'm asking myself the same question" she sniffles

"what'd you mean ?"

"what's wrong with me brandon" she looks up at me

"there's nothing wrong with you vicki"

"then why doesn't anyone love me like i love them ?" she cries and i sit beside her

"why do you say that ?"

"i did nothing but love my parents before they kicked me out, i did nothing but love cyrus for 3 years before he started hitting me, and now, i told zion i love him after he did nothing but act loving towards me and he says it's too soon" she looks down at his feet making her curls fall in front of her face

"then they're the problem vicki, not you" i put my arm around her shoulder "if it makes you feel any better, i broke up with maggie"

"why would that make me feel better brandon ?"

"i don't know, i guess we can be sad and lonely together ?" i shrug making her laugh

"can i ask you a question ? and i want you to be 100% honest" she asks

"go ahead"

"am i ugly ?" she sniffles

"vicki come on" i laugh "your beautiful"

"are you just saying that because you don't wanna call me ugly or do you mean it ?" she groans

"i mean it, you're beautiful" i emphasize and stand up, grabbing the small mirror austin had in his room "look at yourself" i tell her but she doesn't look

i lift up her chin so she can face the mirror and she stares at it straight faced.

"look at yourself"

"nigga i am !" she whines

"but your not really looking at yourself" "look at how pretty your eyes look in the light, and how plump your lips always look, and don't get my started on your curl pattern" i compliment her making her laugh and smile

"thank you brandon"

"of course, i'm here to help" i smile back "but you know something vicki"

"hmm ?"

"you can't expect people to love you when you don't love yourself"

"i guess your right about that" she nods

"if you ever need to talk my doors always opened" i look over at her

"your too good to be true, thank you again" she leans her head on my shoulder and rests her arm around my waist


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