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you and niall have been dating for 4 years now and you two are toatly IN LOVE.

it was  your birthday today and you did'nt know if Niall remembered or not .

you got home from collage that day and got into some comfy clothes . Black skinnys,Baggy Greens celtics top (Niall thought you looked sexy in it) and a baggy purple 1D sweater that Niall gave to you last year for your birthday. You put on a movie and went on your iphone that niall also bought for you (Yeah He Spoils you) and went on tumblr and saw #HappyBirthdayColleen was a trend You tweeted :Thx every one your all so awesome!!! :)

You instantly got a text from niall that said : Hey Babe i will be there in 20 mins xoxo Nialler

You texted after saing : OK baby luv you

Niall: SO any big plans tonight *Wink Wink*

Colleen: Oh Babe you thinking of doing what i'm thinking??  :P

Niall Absafuckinglutly!!!

Colleen: ok well get over here aand fast baby!

Niall: OK i will

Colleen: Bye HOTTIE!!

Niall :Bye Sexy!!

15 mins later


you open it and see niall with your favourit flowers and a gift card to la sensa langeire

you bite your lip because his  kindness is sexy

he instantly Grabs you by the waste and does a full make out session on you. You moning with him of how intense the kiss is

you where just going to french when niall pulled away and carried you over his sholder and walked up the stairs you got to your room that you share with niall that is dark purple and he gently lays you on the bed your sheets are black and white squares and furry white pillowes. he begins to take off your sweater swiftly and then he slips off your skinnys but leaves you in your black lace thong and celtics shirt cus he thinks you look hot in it

then he finaly does and you take off his blue ralph lauren polo his red skinnys and you run your fingers down his abs!! He takes off your thong and purple la sensa bra and you with your toes take off his black boxers hre emideatly starts to massage you right boob and kiss your neck he goes lower and lower and kisses your sweet spot and he plays with your bellybutton ring  than you moan NiALL ohhhhhahh Uhhh Oh god niall! he likes when you do that

you want to like him some plasure to so you go down to his big c*ck and Lick the head and than deep throat and naill does this OHhhh uhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh ummm mmmmm oh god holly crap your good Uhhhh Colleen ohhh. he then cums in your mouth and you love his sweet salty liquid in your mouth and you think it tastes like gold.

then you get up and niall says

Ready? you say

Ready!! :)

Nial puts his huge throbbing size in you and you scream in delight cus he feels so good in you he starts pummping faster and faster uh      oh   oooooohhhhhhhh yeah umm mmm shit oh fuck aaaaaaaaauuuuuhuuh hbayaaa ahuahuhauu NiaLL you sceam COlLEEN he says with plaesure UUU    HAAAAAAAAA  you go at that for 30 mins when he does his last couple of pumps you bolth say ''I"M ABOUT TO CUM!!!!!"" and you let out your softy gooy liquids into eachother. Then you just fall down and niall covers you up in the blanket and him to and looks into your eyes and says i'm love you C You say i love you to nialler and he says Happy Birthday babe hope you liked one of your gifts

one of my gifts you said? niall said yeah here is one and gives you a sweet soft kiss on the lips and say i love you and then he says the other one ... well you will have to wait till tomorrow...

Part 2 Comming soon

hey colleen its me Tori Elleing hope you likeed it its my firts one ever ok well comment and yeah

any one els who read this hope you lliked it comment i will make one for you just ask i do any boy sweet sexy dirty any imagine you want

ok bye peeps

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