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Third Person P.O.V.
"ALRIGHT! WHO THE FUCK TRYIN TO NUT IN MY BUTT?" Simon yelled. "ME!" Bram exclaimed, jumping on his bunk. He then hit his head. "DO NOT STEP THERE!" Maddie yelled at Billie. "Who shit on the floor?" Billie groaned. Everyone looked at Justin, but he didn't say anything. "IT WAS ME THIS TIME!" Pete screamed. "Well dumbass, I hope you're fucking hungry. Get on the ground and let me shove your mouth on that," Nicki snapped. "Guys. I sit down when I pee. Is that weird?" Offset asked. "Why did you feel the need to ask that?" Normani asked. "He didn't feel a need. He wanted to. There's a difference between want and need," Halsey said. "Alright Ashley. You can stop being a smart ass," Lauren groaned. "Camila, Shawn is calling you," Ari sighed. "Uh, do you have my phone? Wait, never mind. It's literally where everyone can see it," Camila mumbled. "I LOST MY BIBLE!" Ally screamed. "This is what I do, I sit on you... Right on your head," Justin said, trying to sit on Selena. "FUCK OFF!" she screamed. "Ally, where did you leave that bible?" Dinah asked. "Next to my bunk. MADDIE! DID YOU EAT IT!" Ally groaned. "Ally... It's on your pillow," Demi said, smirking.
"I'M BORED!" Bram screamed. "I have a plan. So, first, sit on the leaf. Then, edit and dogs. Third, loaf of bread. Next, brush it very gently. Last, finish your broccoli or no dessert," Maddie said. "OOOOOH! OK. Wait, I need a leaf," Pete said, then began looking for one. "We're on a tour bus you dumbass. There are no leaves," Cardi said. "Edit and dogs?" Gabbie asked. "I DON'T WANNA FINISH MY BROCCOLI!" Bram cried. "Brush what gently?" Taylor asked. "Are you all idiots. It was something Maddie said. None of it should be taken literally," Ari groaned. "But, dessert," Bram whined. "Shut up. You are acting like a child," Simon said. "Says the one who... uh..." Pete began. "Shut up. You couldn't think of anything if you wanted to," Simon snapped. "Maddie, stop putting certain things in your fanfics. I'm not going to say what they are, but you know what I'm talking about," Lauren said. "Why do all of you read my fanfics?" Maddie asked, annoyed. "Because we're curious about what you've said about us," Billie said. "I'M NOT AN IDIOT!" Justin screamed. "Oh, no. She got that correct," Ari said. "I also got us dating correct," Maddie smirked. "Maddie, you predicted the future," Bram said, excitedly. "No, she just said a lot of shit that ended up happening. It was a coincidence," Normani said. "YOU JUST RUINED MY HAPPINESS!" Bram yelled, running away.
"Next stop. Wait, where are we even at?" Selena asked. "I have a theory that we are just driving around in circles," Pete said. "We would feel the constant turn," Dinah said. "Guys. Do not go in the bathroom. I destroyed the toilet," Justin sighed. "Well, I didn't plan on going to the dude's bathroom anyways," Ally said. "Why are paparazzi people asking if I'm pregnant?" Camila asked, confused. Maddie began laughing hysterically, then ran back to the bus.
"Maddie, what did you do?" Demi asked. "I swear I did nothing," Maddie laughed. "Then why did you laugh and run after that question?" Cardi questioned. "Because I thought it was funny and I wanted to get out of there," Maddie responded. "I don't trust you," Camila said. "Dude, I said nothing. Damn, why the fuck do you people think I would do something like that to you? I get it, most of you are celebrities, but not all fans or whatever are the same. We don't all feel the need to share y'alls personal info to the world," Maddie snarled. "She's right," Simon said, and Bram nodded, eating a cookie. "That's not what I meant... You know what? Never mind," Camila groaned. "It seems to be what you meant and honestly, the rest of you were acting the same. She told you several times she did nothing, and you continued to question her about it. You all know how that feels to be pressured with questions," Ari said. "Of course you're on her side. You two are dating," Nicki snarled. "Just because you're dating someone doesn't mean you have to be on their side," Pete said. "For once, Pete said something smart," Lauren said, smirking. "Shocker," Maddie laughed. "I want to switch bunks," Taylor groaned. "Same," Simon said, grinding his teeth. "Billie, what do you think?" Dinah asked. "I'm sorry, what? I'm ignoring all of you," Billie said, laughing. "Well, thanks for ignoring someone who is going to your concert right after this thing," Maddie said, acting offended. Billie just smacked her arm and smirked.

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