Chapter 10: Rising Dragon Saga (Part 1: Into the Abyss)

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Author's Note: Hello everyone, welcome back! The time has come for the first installment in a three-parter season finale. The Dragon Knight story has come a long way, but it's alas time for the secrets and trickery behind the Uzumaki and Namikaze families to be brought to the spotlight.

After being pushed to his limits in his battle against Takeo, Naruto has been captured by a mysterious enemy named Nox and his soldiers. Not only that, the devilishly trickster Mito Uzumaki is seemingly working for Nox and is now spying on Night Raid.

Who is Nox? What is Mito's role in all of this? What dark fate awaits the Dragon Knight? Begin to unravel the truth now.

Original "Dragon Knight" Story by: AZ23AJ

Written by: Mercer_am (Wattpad) / Merceram (

The foul stench of death welcomed Naruto Sieghart as he struggled to open his eyes. Though his vision was blurry, he could see what appeared to be a dimly lit, small room closed off by metal bars. It took him a moment before he realized that he was indeed inside a jail cell.

"Ugh... my head," he mumbled under his breath. Naruto shook his head a little, the headache he felt right now was almost unbearable, but even so, he managed to get off of the ground and stand up slowly.

Sieghart was then hit by the pain left behind by his battle wounds. A large cut ran down across his abdomen, a blackened burn mark hurt his back when he moved, and to make matters worse he was shirtless. The dense, cold atmosphere of that cell amplified the pain he felt a thousandfold. It was enough to make even someone as fearsome as Naruto tremble.

Slowly but surely, the Dragon Knight made his way to the metal bars separating him from the rest of the prison. He reached for the cell's door in hopes of attaining an understanding over how much force would be required to break free, but a surprise event caught him off guard.

"What the hell?!" he remarked in absolute disbelief as he came upon the realization that the cell was unlocked, "What kind of prison lets its prisoners just walk out?"

Apprehensive over the situation, Sieghart took slow steps. The area outside of his jail was lifeless, full of bones and limbs scattered across the crimson flooring. A staircase could be seen to the far left, it ascended like a spiral towards a new floor. Along the walls, Sieghart could see what appeared to be human skulls carved into stone.

"Damn... I thought I had seen everything by now, but this place right here... just damn, " he said to himself. Truth be told he could hardly fathom the thought of being suddenly attacked right now. With no mana, no weapons, and no allies to back him up, he was no more than a mortal man fighting against an impossible situation.

"Takeo... he really did a number on me, " he thought as he ascended up the stone stairs. In the back of his mind, Naruto felt as if they could crumble beneath his feet at any given moment, but nonetheless, he continued to march onward using whatever semblance of hope he had left in him.

Alas, he reached the next floor. What awaited him there was a large series of torch-lit hallways that spread in eight different directions.

"Great... a labyrinth, " he sighed. Little did he know that this was merely the beginning of his struggles.

Just as he had finally relaxed, Naruto felt the ground quake beneath his feet. His eyes widened as he looked to his right only to see a seemingly endless legion of strange, ghoulish, humanoids darting towards his location at breakneck speeds.

"Goddammit!" Naruto shouted as he dashed forward like a man running for his life. He had no time to make an informed decision, so he just ran forward and into the narrow hallway directly ahead of himself.

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