chapter 7: dick cheese

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this chapter's gonna have some nsfw in it if u know whats comin huehuehueheuheuheue ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)

la squdra time:
"ok guys once we get trish we're gonna have one big poopoo peepee party got it?" the big guy said. "bRUH NO ONE IS FUCKING hEre." ghiaccio complained. "ok maybe if u could shut the fuck up and let me grieve all of our fucking members are dead except u and me and right now im IN the fukcing middle of aN BRUH MOMENT." black rice yelled. "I FUCKING HATE AMERICANS 😡😡😡😡AND HOw they PRONOUCE EIFFEL IN THE EIFFEL TOWER fUCKIGN stupid illiterate DUmBASSES stuffing their faces with macdoDALDS😡😡😡😡😡." giacho bakugo fuckingn conplained. "mamma mia givea me a break." risotto cried and drank italian red wine mourning the deaths of his fellow gangsters while doing the italan hand thing. then there was 20 minutes of silence while risotto cried and drank red wine. "can u kill that new guy he's copying me by exposing his titties." risotto asked giacco. "sure i fuckin hate haTH GUY AND HIS sTUPID FUCKIng HAIR 😡🅱️." ice man said and left to fuck up giorno and his bro.

not la squadra time:
"bro u gotta hear my fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥mixtape got it???👌👌👌😩😩😩💦💦💦" mista said. "if ur gonna play your entire playlist of minecraft parodies for the 17th time i don't want to hear it." giorno said.

"fuck u giorno we've been listening to your shitty variations of fighting gold for the past 3 hours we've been in this car for and i need sleep and u are not giving me any BRUH."

"sshhh sht the fuck up this one's my favoirte."

"you've played fighting gold but coda is going through vibrato for the past 5 fucking hours let me sleep also turn on the ac i wanna smell it."

"why do you want to smell the air conditioning???"

"listen to me giorno and look me deep into the eyes 👁👄👁."

"i cant look at you im driving and ur in the backseat like a fucking babby."

"car air conditioner smells good sometimes and sometimes its almost as good as hotel air conditioner."

"are you okay???"

"you're clearly not ok because you've been listening to fucking vibrato for th epast 4 years and im losing brain cells."

"u never had any brain cells to begin with."

"ok true but still let me slep or im gonna shoot myself💦💦🔫🔫."

giorno turned up coda is singing fighting gold while committing a mass school shooting. "i can heal now so if u shoot urself ur not gonna die."

"fuck." then mista fell asleep in the car.

"fUCK AMERICANS AND HOW THEY CALL VENIZIA VENICE Just calL IT By ITS ACTUAL fUCKING NAME YOU ILLITERATE fUCKS. 😡😡😡😡😡SMH." ghaccio said sitting on top of the stolen car while they were driving it. "i HATE THESE STUPID LIBERALS." then giacco started freezing the car. "giorno u can turn the air conditioning off now i've taken a good tHICC whiff of it already and im going braindead help me giorno." mista said. "the ac isnt even on." giorno siad. "then why the fuck is it so goddamn cold and what the fuck AAAA my FINGER GIoRNO help me GIORNO HHHHH." mista yelled. "shut the fuck up i'm driving." giorno said driving. then gaccho started ice skating with his stand 『M C D O N A L D ' S  I C E  C R E A M  M A C H I N E』. "giorno we're being followed owo." mista said. "fuck you and never say owo again or i wont give u a good S U C C." giorno said. "no bro we are literally being followed by some gay ice skater who sounds like bakugo." moista said. "fughck." giorno said and crashed the car into the water. "GIRONO EHAT THE FUCK THIS ISNT mARIO KART 8 STOP DRIVING LIKE A UFCKIGN IDIOT OR IM GONNA HAVE A HEART ATTACK SMH GIONRO HHH." mista yelled and then gacho froze giono. "gET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I DIE." goorno yelled at his bro mista. "ok bye giorno xoxo~." he said and started shooting gaccho.

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