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"YOU'LL BE FINE, I promise." Marina repeated what she'd been saying most of the afternoon as she drove her car through the busy streets of Los Angeles. Aubrey sat in the passenger seat, letting her eyes roll in disbelief at the statement.

Marina's friends were having a housewarming party that night, and since she was in town, Aubrey was being dragged along. It's not that she didn't like interacting with people, but the only person that she knew at the party would be Marina. So it was going to be less than ideal.

"That's what you keep saying, but I'm not going to fit in with all your famous friends." Aubrey frowned, her lips pursing together as she looked out the window. "Who's this for, again?"

"It's my friends Jonah, Corbyn, and Eben. They just bought the house and what better way to celebrate than a party?" The blonde girl laughed, glancing over to Aubrey and briefly catching the skeptical look on her face. "Alright. Corbyn and Jonah are in a boyband and Eben is their friend, and a talented singer. I met them about... three years ago? They're all really nice." 

"Okay wait," Aubrey cut her off and held her hands up, "how many people are going to be at this party?"

"Um... I don't know. There's the five members of the band; Corbyn, Jonah, Jack, Zach, and Daniel, Eben of course, and a lot of their friends. So a lot of people." Marina admitted as she leaned her head over the wheel. She pulled the car into the driveway of the house, which was already lit up and you could see so many people already there.

Oh boy.

"Come on, you'll be fine." Marina said, noticing how Aubrey's face turned to one of worry. She hopped out of the car and the brunette looked at the house for a moment longer before getting out herself.

The two girls walked into the house, and Marina immediately started smiling and greeting people. Aubrey smiled politely and nodded to the people who she was introduced to.

"Okay Aubrey, this is Jonah." Marina introduced her to a tall brown-haired boy with hazel eyes and a sharp jawline. His smile seemed friendly though, so Aubrey extended a hand.

"Nice to meet you, cool place." Aubrey nodded as Jonah beamed and took her hand.

"Thanks. It's nice to meet you too. Marina's told us about you. I've heard you like photography?" Jonah questioned, to which the short brunette nodded and smiled a bit wider. She was always more comfortable talking about her love of photography. "Cool. My friend Corbyn is into that too. You should meet him, he's around here somewhere." The tall boy craned his neck in the crowded room.

"Yo dude!" A blond boy, even taller than Jonah, walked over and clapped his hands on the singer's shoulders. "New case of beer in the kitchen—oh, hi, I'm Eben!" He introduced when his eyes landed on Aubrey, holding a hand out.

The brunette smiled and shook it as Marina giggled next to her. "This is my friend Aubrey. She's staying with me for a little so I thought I'd introduce her to some people."

"I see why. We're the best people to meet out here!" Eben grinned and held his hands up. Jonah and Marina laughed while Aubrey let out a small giggle herself. They were nice. This wasn't so bad.

"Yeah yeah. We're going to head out back. See you guys later, or not." Marina said and looped her arm through Aubrey's. The blonde waved goodbye to the two boys and walked through the house, making their way to the back doors.

Aubrey's eyes went around the house, looking at the people around them. They were L.A people, they were lively and talkative. She felt a bit self conscious, to be honest. Her hands went to the pocket of her gray NASA hoodie, feeling her phone and an old disposable camera she'd picked up a while back.

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