65: Are you pregnant?

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Kirstie let out a relieved sigh, her hands gripping the printed image of her first ultrasound as she felt herself start to cry. Scott smiled, his hand on her arm as he looked over her shoulder at the photo.
"I think it's a boy," she started after a minute.
"Yeah? You are only a month along, so it's still a bit early to tell."
"Mother's intuition," she smiled and Scott's eyes lit up. "And the best part? The baby has to be Ben's. I can't wait to tell him,"
He held the front door of the doctors office open for Kirstie as they walked out and made their way towards the coffee shop down the street. "You're feeling better about this, then?"
She nodded, "I am. Even if Ben feels like he isn't ready for all of this, I know I am. I'm going to be okay,"
He grinned, "hell yeah you are. You should name the baby Scott Junior,"
She laughed, "You and your husband are the same person,"
"What? Are Mitch Junior and Scott Junior not an option anymore?" He fakes being hurt as he grabbed his chest, "I'm hurt!"
She rolled her eyes, leading him into the cafe Mitch, Wesley and Arden were waiting at. "They were never an option, Hoying. Hi, Wes!" She greeted the toddler when he ran up to her, his drink in hand. "What's that, buddy?"
"Ice cream!" He chirped, his smile wide when she picked him up and let him sit on her lap. "Want to try?"
"Oh, no, I'm okay. Thank you though, buddy."
Scott pecked Mitch's cheek, "the baby is super healthy," he smiled.
"Yeah?" Mitch gushed when he saw the ultrasound photos, his eyes wide at the sight. "How cute! He looks just like Wesley did when he was a baby,"
"That's because it's a month old and it looks like a bean," Scott replied, "all babies look like beans at that age."
"You're twenty-one and you look like a bean," Mitch replied, "what's your excuse?"
"Ouch," Scott chuckled and Kirstie shook her head fondly at the two. "So listen, my BAR exams are coming up in a few weeks so a few friends suggested we rent out an Airbnb the week before to study and get ready. I wanted to get your thoughts on it,"
Mitch shrugged, "go for it. It'll be good for you to study with classmates,"
Kirstie nodded in agreement, "will you be living there?"
"Haven't decided yet. They wanted to go to a cabin up north for it. Mini vacation to celebrate the exams and stuff,"
"That sounds like fun!" Mitch handed Scott his coffee. "Why don't you go? It's just a week,"
"I'm gonna miss my babies," Scott pouted as Arden stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes. She blinked up at Scott and he was quick to lift her from her stroller and into his lap. "My little cutie! Hi there, Princess,"
Mitch smiled, unable to keep himself from taking countless photos of Scott and Arden as they sat together. Scott, smiling, posed with their baby until Wesley demanded he get another cookie.
"No more, buddy. You're on your second,"
"But I need one." He whined, stomping his foot. "I'm hungry,"
"Then lets go home and get you real food, okay? No hissy fits," Scott set Arden back in her stroller and once she was strapped in, the group eventually made their way back home and it was as Scott was changing diapers, did Kirstie mention the vacation Scott and Mitch were planning on going to.
"Well my graduation ceremony is next week." Scott started, lifting Arden and setting her in her high chair as Mitch finished making lunch for the kids. "Mitch and I were thinking about going to San Diego or something,"
"San Diego?" Kirstie shook her head. "We're a short plane ride from Hawaii. You're graduating law school, Scott. Celebrate a little!"
Mitch smiled, "she's got a point, babe. I'm sure your dad would love to have the kids for a weekend. You know once you start work, it's going to be a lot harder for us to find some time alone."
Scott sighed, sitting back. "You're right. Hawaii would be fun," he smiled up at Mitch and Kirstie admired the two as they excitedly talked about what they wanted to do in Hawaii.
It was as the two started to bicker back and forth over something random, did they hear a car pull into the driveway and a door slam. After a moment, the front door opened and Ben rushed in, wide eyed and breathing heavy.
Kirstie raised an eyebrow, sharing the same confused and shocked expressions Scott and Mitch had. "Ben? What's-"
He held up the same pink and white stick Kirstie had shown Scott and Mitch week's before. "What the fuck is this? Are- is this yours? Are you pregnant?"


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