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Lost in the middle of golden dunes swept by winds with spicy scents, the kingdom of Alberial was struggling to flourish. Starvation and lack of water were wreaking havoc among the dune people. King Bel'Azal Ist was distraught. He implored the spirits of the earth and heaven to offer them their favors and, when all hope seemed lost, a mysterious young woman emerged from the depths of the desert.

Beautiful as the day, the hair of the blondiness of the sands and the eyes color of the heavens, her unreal beauty bewitched the sovereign. He believed to see in her a goddess came to save them. No one never knew if she was really of divine origin or not, but all of them began to venerate her as soon as she invoked the rain.

Thanks to her incredible gifts, she transformed the environment, and Alberial became a magnificent and lush oasis. The kingdom was then able to rise from its ashes, and life regained its rights.

Afterwards, the king, madly in love with their savior, asked for her hand and married her. His love and admiration for her was so great that he decided that all women would now be worshipped as life-bearers and fertility guarantors. A decree was even instaured and made them the key to the succession of the current government. He thus deferred all authority and governance to his wife, and had a sumptuous seraglio built for all his other royal concubines in which they were treated as envoys from the gods.

Then, time passed. King Bel'Azal's dynasty was long and prosperous. Alas, his last descendant, Queen Abidia, gave birth to only one boy, Prince Ceylan.

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