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i spent the night at maggie's since we 'kissed and made up' last night.

it was currently 10am and i just got back to the house. i didn't bother sneaking in since i'm grown and the boys always know what went down when i come home at this time.

vicki and zion were cuddled up on the couch together and i walked straight to my room.

edwin was lying down on his bed on facetime with izzy.

"just come over later" he suggests to her and i roll my eyes

"come to mine" she whines and he smiles

"can ya be cute somewhere else" i groan

"nigga shut up, you just got yo shit sucked and you complaining about me have a conversation with my girl ? get out" he points to the door "and don't think i ain't hear about vicki walking in on you and maggie, ol uncircumcised bitch" he mumbles

"it was never ever that serious" i grill him and walk out back to the living room

this time victoria was alone in the couch, sitting comfortably while on her phone.

"hey vic" i smile

"hey brandon, where you been ?"

"maggie's" i sit on the opposite couch

"ahhh mannn, did you do what i told you ?"

"yeah i did, but she apologized first though"

"that's wassup, and i already know you got some action too" she smacks my leg playfully

"what can i say" i laugh before were met by an awkward silence while she looking down at her phone "you know something vic" i start

"talk to me" she responds

"i haven't really got to know you yet and you've been here for almost 2 weeks"

"your right about that, maybe because your always up maggie's ass" she laughs

"i mean, that's my girl" i shrug my shoulders

"i know that brandon, but you gotta learn to take time for yourself, your life can't revolve around her, especially since you haven't been with her for too long" she explains and i nod

"i feel you, ima work on it, but for now, let me get to know you victoria"

"what'd you wanna know ?"

"anything you think i should know"

"well i'm 18, i'm panamanian and jamaican, i'm an only child, my parents kicked me out last summer when i got this" she pauses and pulls up the side of her shirt, showed me a tattoo of a baby sticking up their middle finger on the side of stomach, slightly under her bra

"i like it" i nod

"yeah, i been living with cyrus since well, i came here" she sighs

"do you still love him ?" i ask curiously

"no, i stopped the first time be out his hands on me, it was the second worse day of my life after getting kicked out of my parents house" she stares at her feet

"oh" i say not really knowing how to respond even though i initiated the conversation

"i'm sorry i made shit sad real quick" she laughs

"nah it's all good" i smile "i'm glad i got to know a little more about you vicki"

"so am i"


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